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I saw Health Form from the beginning and saw the passion put into making it a successful blog. What interested me in, was the emphasis on actionable health advice without the fluff!
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Real Food is What we promote

Too may online “health” websites try to push artificial nonsense on to their loyal readers.

This is the kind of BS we avoid like the plague!

We are only interested in getting fit and healthy using fresh food that is wholesome and healthy.

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We are a small team of like-minded people advocating for positive attitude to life, adventures, travelling, people and everything, which brings happiness to our life!

Fresh, clean food is the path to good health. Good health is the path to looking and feeling great. Looking and feeling great is the path to happiness 🙂

We welcome everyone who want to share their journey to a better life.

Looking and feeling great, are just mere consequences of being healthy!

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