10 Habits You Should Develop for Healthy, Happy Skin

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Want healthy glowing skin? Then, start developing good skin care habits.

As the largest organ of the body, it’s only right that you take good care of your skin. From acting as a natural defense shield against external hazards to regulating body temperature, your skin has vital roles to play.

If you truly want to make your skin happy, integrate these healthy habits into your daily routine.

1. Cleanse appropriately

Over-washing and under-washing can both spell harm for your skin. For your face, washing twice a day will do. If you have sensitive skin, use a face wash that is gentle for your skin type.

Choose products that cleanse efficiently without stripping natural oils from your skin. You wouldn’t want that squeaky clean feeling because that signals good oils for your skin are also washed away.

When washing the face, rub gently in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow.

2. Exfoliate mildly

One of the hidden culprits of skin problems is working too much on it. If you scrub your face too hard, you may want to stop that bad habit. Over-exfoliating may increase microscopic inflammation which can cause swelling in the skin.

Limit exfoliation to once a week, just enough to rub off old skin cells to make way for new ones. Your skin deserves gentle care so always treat it kindly.

3. Moisturize regularly

Maintaining the water levels of your skin is crucial for its health. Applying a moisturizer regularly will delay water loss and strengthen the skin barrier.

  • For sensitive skin, find products with ceramides, one of the three types of naturally occurring lipids in the skin.
  • For oily skin, don’t go for a heavy, cream-based product and pick a light serum instead.
  • For normal or dry skin, choose facial cream or oil.
  • Opt for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid to integrate anti-aging ingredients into your skin care routine.

4. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen

Sun and skin just don’t mix.

The UV rays of the sun can dry out your skin so your body responds by producing more oils. So do yourself a favor and never leave your house without wearing sunscreen.

Pick a moisturizer or sunblock with at least SPF 30. Sunscreen isn’t only for the beach. You should also wear it when going to work, driving around town and anytime you’re leaving the house.

5. Book facials regularly

This spa-like experience is a “worth it” treat for your skin. Facials are an essential skin care treatment especially if you’re suffering from acne and other skin problems.

Make sure to book for facials once a month or at least once every two to three months to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

6. Stop picking your pimples

Popping a pimple is a bad habit. And once you start popping, it’s difficult to stop. This can result in severe scarring from red marks to permanent lumps.

It’s not just scars that you have to worry about. Popping your pimples can also result in epidermal inclusion cysts. These are round lumps on your skin that you can only remove through surgery. Instead of popping your pimples, book a facial and let the experts handle them.

7. Get enough sleep

Sleep at least 8 hours per day to allow your body to regenerate and repair skin cells. There’s more to your skin than what you put on the surface.

You also have to focus on giving your body, inside and out, enough time to rest as what goes on inside it plays a vital part in keeping your skin (and the rest of you) healthy.

8. Eat the right food

Eating right doesn’t only help you maintain a healthy weight but also enhances your skin’s appearance. Develop beautiful skin from inside out by ensuring your diet includes omega-3, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

Steer clear of dairy products like milk since these can contain hormones which may trigger oil production. Refined carbs like pasta and white bread can also make your dark spots worse through inflammation.

Lay off the extra sugar. Food with a high glycemic index such as sugary treats can increase cortisol levels leading to skin aging.

9. Stay hydrated

Drink water whenever you have a chance. Lack of water in the body means more sag and less radiance.

Choose products with moisturizing, cleansing and anti-aging properties and that have formulas for hydration. And, more importantly, make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

10. Use retinol every night

Retinols are a vitamin A derivative used by dermatologists to fight the signs of aging. Using retinol once each night can decrease collagen breakdown and increase collagen production.

Retinols are important because they make way for new cell growth.

11. Remove makeup before sleeping

Even if you’re tired, find the will to wash off your makeup before hitting the sack. Giving your skin a break from makeup brands will allow it to breathe.

Before working out, remember to wash your face since pores open up when you sweat and may cause the makeup to get in.

Having beautiful skin involves effort and discipline. If you want to have a healthy glow, start by developing these good habits. Soon, you’ll find yourself waking up to radiant, healthy and younger-looking skin.

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