10 Unusual Ways to Improve Your Brain in 2018

10 Unusual Ways to Improve Your Brain in 2020

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Would you believe that there are many different ways to improve your brain power, many of which are considered unlikely or possibly even silly?

Well, in this short and sweet article I’ve pieced together 10 different ways to improve brain power that could be construed as a little ‘odd’ to almost anyone.

Despite this, I can attest to every single one of these, as I’ve personally tested each one and can confirm their effectiveness; although they may be a tad strange, to be fair.

1. Use Your Left Hand More

Research has shown that a person’s handedness is connected to asymmetries in brain performance. What this implies is that the right hemisphere of the brain coordinates with the left side of the body, and vice-versa.

This reputable information has come to show and confirm that the use of your opposite/least dominant hand can enhance the neural networks in your brain; all the while creating some new ones. (1)

Even through the attempt to become ambidextrous, it will have a significant impact on your brain. Just simply switching to your least dominant hand for unimportant tasks can result in an increase in brain power and while it may not be easy to start out with; you’re bound to notice the ease of use when using your least dominant hand after a short amount of time.

2. Start Taking New Routes

It has been discovered that the brain is typically on autopilot during your routine commute, resulting in very little stimulation for the brain.

Before too long, that same route will result in your brain becoming stagnant, a state that is to be avoided.

By taking unfamiliar routes in places you don’t usually go to, you’ll activate the hippocampus and cortex in your brain. (2)

Regardless of your mode of transport, that unique route is bound to give your brain the sort of stimulation it needs to keep it in tip-top shape.

Plus, the added benefit of taking these routes whilst walking or riding a bike is that your body potentially gets to enjoy a longer trip; allowing for more exercise in your daily commute or travels.

3. Learn One New Thing (Then Become Good)

Research has shown that learning something new is helpful in the increase in brain power. (3) When confronting your medulla oblongata with something new, that in-turn stimulates and helps to charge your brain.

You could be tricked into thinking that multiple things to learn would be even more beneficial for your brain, but in actual fact it becomes more detrimental.

By focusing on just one new thing, your brain gains the opportunity to restructure itself to the new style and allow for new neural pathways, thus resulting in even more brain power; whereas a multitude of things at once will simply fragment your brain and will result in learning all of those different things so much more difficult than it needs to be.

4. Quit Multitasking

Many people like to assume that they are the master at multitasking, when in fact they shouldn’t be multitasking at all.

Research has shown that it isn’t good for our brains. (4)

Simply concentrate on one singular task at a time to improve your speed and accuracy. By focusing on a multitude of tasks you increase the likelihood of creating more errors, making you forgetful, and even slow you down more – none of which are useful for a successful job or task.

Researches have confirmed that the brain requires around 8 seconds to process a given piece of information to the brain, so overflowing the brain all at once becomes more detrimental and even more stressful.

Sticking to that one task will keep you and your brain safe at the end of the day!

5. Ask Questions

Asking questions is an extraordinary way to keep that brain of yours in good health and shape. (5) Just by asking these questions, no matter how simple they may appear, it can clear your doubt on a certain subject and result in more knowledge for you to pull from.

These questions that you ask are designed to aggravate new ideas and thoughts that will improve your brain power tenfold.

No matter who you ask questions from or where you do, those questions can allow for you to gain a stronger understanding of any subject that you desire, whilst improving your own mental capacity.

6. Stop Watching TV

TV has been stated to make the human brain passive and dormant. The blue light that is transmitted to your eyes from a TV, smartphone, computer, and any other electronic device with a screen will stimulate wakefulness and that suppresses hormones that make you sleepy, like melatonin.

Testing has confirmed that verbal IQ scores (measured both vocabulary and language skills) fell in proportion, depending on the amount of hours watched. (6)

Just by steering clear of a TV – permanently or temporarily – will prevent your brain from becoming stagnant and lazy, something TV is known to endorse!

7. Play N-Back and Dual N-Back In the Morning

It has been found that this game is one of the most effective brain training methods. Both of these games have proven to be effective tool at enhancing short-term memory and can even boost intelligence quotient. (7)

The game achieves this by increasing the number of items that can be retained in the working memory, which is considered the bottleneck of knowledge.

When it comes to forcing your brain to adjust to new situations, such as this game, it will have to learn to quickly adapt to the problems that is presented in front of it and help shape your brain in a more positive direction.

All of that can be done by simply playing the game for 15-20 minutes every morning before work.

8. Lift Weights At Least Once a Week

Typically, physical exercise is good for your overall bodies health. While that may be common knowledge, what isn’t is that physical exercise can even improve the brain to become sharper and stay healthy.

Weight lifting, yoga, jogging, and much more can help your brain due to the increased intake of oxygen and while it will improve your brain power, it can also minimise the risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and even diabetes. (8)

By doing these regular physical activities your hippocampus will gradually enlarge and is considered the special catalyst for both short and long-term memory.

9. Sleep Well or Take a Short Nap

The body can be without food or water for a reasonable period of time without concern, but lack of sleep can bring your body to collapse – 48 hours to be exact.

Observations have shown that the brain will retain recently acquired information during a sleep. By taking a nap in the middle of the day after a good couple of hours of study can cause the knowledge to remain in your memory for longer and keeps the brain sharp. (9)

Overworking your brain and failing to catch up on sleep means that you aren’t likely to retain the information as well and can be considered detrimental, overall.

To avoid both of these problems, simply take a nap every now and again or get a good night’s sleep of 7-8 hours!

10. Eat Wild Salmon At Least Once a Week

Salmon is considered ‘brain food’, but why is that? (10) Research has shown that wild salmon contains many efficiency-boosting nutrients to help not only your body, but also your brain functions.

Omega-3 acids are needed fats for the brain, which are eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), linolenic acid (ALA), and docosahexaenoic (DHA).

Unfortunately, the body cannot produce it these omega-3 acids, but that can be circumnavigated by consuming wild salmon.

Brain-building is hindered by a lack of omega-3 acids and requires these acids more than any other part of the body, hence the need for regular consumption of wild salmon; a small amount of wild salmon a week is plenty to keep your brain on the right track.

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The brain is the most important organ in our body, it affects so many different aspects of our body – meaning that if the brain is not in a good state, the body won’t be either.

Keeping the brain in tip-top condition means your overall well-being will be in a positive state, so be sure to keep your brain energized for mental fitness.

By striving to improve your brain power each and every day, you’re bound to see benefits both mentally and physically.

Reza is the owner of Multipotens, a brain improvement website that focuses on brain improving products and tips.

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