Chocolate may reduce blood pressure!

20 Food Facts That You Will Never “Un-forget”!


We need it to survive and we eat it everyday. But do you know exactly what is in your food?

These 20 food facts will make you wonder about just what you are putting inside your body and will hopefully make you think twice when reaching for any random brand when grocery shopping!

Some foods are excellent body cleansers, whilst others can naturally help you to lose weight

So without any further delay, check out these 20 food facts that you will never be able to “un-forget”…

Number 1

We all know that soda contains a lot of sugar...a seriously crazy amount of sugar! But do you know just how much?

It is difficult to visualize a number amount when it is given as a weight, but how about this: An average 20 ounce bottle of soda contains ​16 teaspoons of sugar!!!

Bear in mind here that that is the high fructose kind that is about as bad as it comes.​

Soda contains a lot of sugar

Number 2

Olive oil. Wait that's really healthy though, right? 

I mean the Mediterranean diet is based around this staple!, and we know how that diet helps your brain function properly!

Well according to The Guardian, about 70% of olive oil being sold today is not actually pure olive oil.​

It's oil, but not as we know it!

Number 3

You may or may not know that I love Japanese food, especially the nose wrinkling Wasabi that comes with it!

But guess what, most of the Wasabi served outside of Japan; is actually not the real stuff

So what is it? Well it is usually a mixture of horse radish, mustard and food coloring to give it its green hue.​

Your Wasabi might not be real!

Number 4

I love a nice cup of green tea. I know that it isn't to everyone's taste, but the health benefits are certainly worth it alone.

But did you know that drinking 10 cups a day could delay the onset of cancer...

Green tea

Number 5

You'll like this one...

Chocolate could have a very ​small hypotensive (lowering blood pressure) effect...

Chocolate may reduce blood pressure!

Number 6

Lemon has many, many effects on your skin that can make you look younger and fresher.

Citrus fruits are generally pretty good for your body, (unless you have certain health problems).​


Number 7

There is a meal from a fast food chain, (we won't name names here), called the Bistro Shrimp Pasta dish.

Why is this on this list?

Well just this 1 meal, this 1, single dish; contains over 3,120 calories :O​

That's a lot of fat

Number 7

How many of you think that freezing food will strip away its nutritious properties?

I bet most of you said it does, am I right!?

According to the USDA, there is little if any effects to the nutritional value of your foods if you freeze them.​

Frozen peas

Number 8

Coffee is great, I love the stuff and I am sure many if you do as well.

In fact, I'm sure that we all love the way that it can keep us functioning throughout the day...but are we getting what we ordered?​

However I know that some of you will only go for decaff when buying it. But are you aware that decaff doesn't necessarily mean caffeine free...​

Number 9

Think you are taking the healthy option by taking a salad when visiting McDonald's?

Think again!

Their Southwest salad contains more fat than their hamburgers. Whilst fat isn't as bad as many people make out...this amount in 1 sitting is not good!​


Number 10

If I say "garlic" & "honey", I bet you don't think those 2 really go together?

Well actually, when you mix them together and leave the mixture to stew, it will taste sweet still.

But the best part of this concoction, is the massive health benefits that you will see by taking it on an empty stomach, once a day for 7 days.​


Number 11

Have you ever wondered what the official, mathematical name for the shape of a Pringle was?


Well I am going to tell you anyway...It's called a "Hyperbolic Paraboloid​".

Now you know.​

There is some serious math involved with potato chips!

Number 12

I love apples.

I also love pears and plums.

I did not, however, know that all of those fruits belong to the Rose family!

A rose smells just as an apple

Number 13

Do you like cheese? I certainly do, but you might not be so keen after this fact...

​There is type of cheese called Casu Marzu found in Sardinia, that is infested with maggots. On purpose. Infested with maggots on purpose.

The reason being that it creates a soft, creamy texture that the locals find irresistible!​

I like cheese, but...

Number 14

Ranch dressing contains titanium dioxide, which is used to make it appear whiter. This is the same material used to make paint white and is also the active ingredients in sunscreen...

White paint

Number 15

You've all heard of SPAM I think. Not the email variety, but the meat in a can sort.

There are many rumors about what this ... meat, stands for, but I will let you know today:

Spiced Ham

I know, kind of underwhelming really!​

Spam...the meat!

Number 16

I love apples so much, I decede to write another fact about them!

Did you know that there are 7,500 varieties of apples in world today, and if you wanted to try a different type each day, it would take you 20 years to get through them all!​

If you love apples, check out our Guide To Apple Cider Vinegar!​


Number 17

Do you ever wonder why all dehydrated fruit juice, by and large, tastes the same?

Well the process of dehydration eliminates the flavor from the juice and so many big companies will come up with their brand of flavor that they invent in a lab, and then reintroduce into the final product!

Juice used in smoothies can also help you to lose weight...​

Orange juice

Number 18

India produces the most spices of all countries in the world!

Number 19

A typical banana, will travel more than many of us. 

They will usually travel around 4,000 miles to reach their final destination!​


Number 20

Natural honey can offer antibacterial properties and was used by ancient Greeks and Romans to stop wounds getting infected.

Along with its bacteria fighting properties; natural honey helps a wound to heal by keeping it moist, and creating a strong barrier to further, outside infection.

Honey can cure what ails you

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