23 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stinky Smell from Shoes

23 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stinky Smell from Shoes

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Have you ever had stinky feet?

Having stinky feet can be such a huge turn-off. Your shoes are often the reason why you have stinky feet. However, shoes will not be stinky if your feet were not stinky.

So, which comes first the stinky feet caused by stinky shoes or the stinky shoes caused by stinky feet? Actually, it does not matter which caused what.

What matters is you have stinky feet and you need to deal with it.

It you have stinky feet you should immediately devise a plan on how to get rid of stinky smell from the shoes. Having stinky feet is a common yet embarassing problem but some people tend to ignore it.

Before dealing with the stinky smell, you first need to answer the question of why do my feet smell?

Then you will know the right ways on how to get rid of the stinky smell. Bacteria are often the main cause of having shoe odor.

Once your shoes have bacteria for sure you will have stinky feet especially if you don’t wear socks. If your feet sweat, the more bacteria will multiply in your shoes.

Home Remedies

There are some stuff in your home that can help get rid of the stinky smell from your shoes. Get to know them so you can immediately deal with the horrible stinky smell.

See how Apple Cider Vinegar can help with smelly feet.

Essential Oils

Natural fresh herbsTea tree oil is known to deal with acne and fungal infection. In this case it can get rid of stinky smell in your shoes caused by bacteria.

You can also use eucalyptus.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a known deodorizer for the feet and shoes. Sprinkle baking soda on your shoes for the night so it can absorb the smell. Be sure to get rid of it before wearing your shoes otherwise your feet will be filled with white particles.

Corn starch

Rub cornstarch on your feet or sprinkle some on your shoes. Corn starch will absorb the odor and get rid of the stink from your feet.

It will also prevent your feet from having a stinky smell, just in case it still does not have one as yet.

Coffee Grounds

The aroma of coffee grounds gets rid of the stinky smell in your shoes and the coffee ground itself prevents further bacteria growth.  

Wrap coffee grounds in a muslin cloth and leave it on each shoe for the night. You can also sprinkle coffee ground directly on the shoes.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits such as orange, lemon and lime have a certain aroma that will remove the stinky smell in your shoes. Citrus acid will also terminate all bacteria that are in your shoes.

Slice your choice citrus fruit and leave them on your shoes for the night. Let your shoes dry after removing the fruit in the morning.


Ginger will rid your feet of dead skin and toxins because it is a natural antioxidant. Boil some ginger paste and massage it on your feet. It will prevent bacteria growth on your shoes.

Black Teabags

The tannin content of black tea bags can kill bacteria inside your shoes. Place the tea bag on a cup of boiling water. Allow the tea bag to cool for 5 minutes before placing them on your shoes for about an hour.


Bacteria hate alcohol so much. They are the worst of enemies!

Alcohol will not only take away the smell it will also disinfect your shoes and will also kill all the bacteria. When placing alcohol inside your shoes, make sure to avoid the outer portion as it might get ruined.

Place the shoe in a place with good ventilation. If you do this regularly, bacteria will never inhibit your shoes.


Mix vinegar and water with a 1:1 ratio. Spray the mixture on your shoes. Let it stand for about 30 minutes. Add baking soda for the night.

Remove the baking soda in the morning.


Mix vodka and boiling water with a 1:2 ratio. Add a drop or 2 of any essential oil. Spray the mixture inside your shoe. Do this regularly.


Wrap a few cloves and leave it overnight on your shoes. Remove the cloves in the morning. The cloves will absorb the stinky smell inside your shoes. Do this regularly and your shoes will always be without a stinky smell.


Sage is a common home remedy to remove odor on your feet. It is an anti-bacterial herb that can lessen the growth of bacteria in your shoes, too especially in the areas that sweat the most.

Kitty Litter

A deodorizer is often added to kitty litter thus it can remove the smell inside your shoes.

When filling your shoes with kitty litter, make sure the shoes are not full enough to get deformed. Leave the kitty litter on your shoes for the night and in the morning your shoes the stinky smell is all gone.

Baby Powder

Baby powder comes with multiple uses. Rub it on your feet as a deodorizer and your feet will smell very good. Do not use the scented type as it may clash with the odor of the shoes. Rub powder on your feet before wearing your shoes especially if it tends to get sweaty.

Zinc Oxide Powder

Similar to baking powder, zinc oxide has anti-bacteria properties. It is also a deodorizer. Mix equal amounts of zinc oxide and baking powder and dust your shoes with the mix.

Leave it for the night and throw away the mixture in the morning. This would do good if done regularly.

Epsom salt

Place Epson salt on a bowl of hot water and soak your feet on it. This will relax and soothe your feet. The smell of your clean feet will also prevent bacteria from thriving on your shoes.

Kosher Salt

This coarse salt absorbs the moisture in your feet making it smell good. You can also drop some kosher salt on shoes and leave it for the night. Kosher salt will absorb the stinky smell in your shoes.


Charcoal is widely known for being able to absorb all kinds of smell. Place some charcoal inside an old sock or cloth bag. Place one on each shoe and leave it there overnight. You can alternately use regular charcoal and activated charcoal.


The good old newspaper can also absorb the stinky smell from your shoes and completely get rid of them. Crumple a few sheets and place them inside your shoes. Leave them there for the night.

Pumice stone

As you are well aware bacteria causes dead skin to decompose and in the process make your feet smell awful. Cleaning your feet with pumice stone cleans and exfoliates skin cells that are dead and will therefore get rid or prevent bacteria growth.  

Gently rub your toes and ankles with pumice stone and make your feet soft and free of any smell.

Do-It-Yourself Shoe Deodorizer Powder

When the smell on your shoes is just so much, you can make your own deodorizer powder for your shoes. Mix baking soda with any essential oil and arrowroot powder.

Generously spread the mixture inside your shoes. Leave the mixture on your shoes and after 3 days your shoes will smell very good.

Home-made Foot Spray

Kill bacteria and get rid of the stink in your shoes with this home-made foot spray.

Mix together in a small bottle:

  • Witch hazel (1 ounce
  • Rubbing alcohol ( ½ ounce)
  • Grapefruit seed extract (35 drops)
  • Lavender and tea tree oil (20 drops each)
  • geranium oil (15 drops)
  • peppermint oil (10 drops)
  • rosemary oil (5 drops).

Shake will to thoroughly mix all ingredients. Spray your home-made foot spray

This recipe will make a foot spray that is all natural. It will get rid of the stinky smell of your feet. It also has some healing properties.

Spray this home-made foot sprayregularly after each shower and before wearing your shoes. Your feet will smell good with a will have a herbal scent.

Freeze Shoes

If you think you have tried all home remedies to get rid of stinky smell from shoes, freeze your shoes.

Place your shoes inside a resalable plastic bag. This is to protect your shoes from the cold temperature inside the freezer.

Bacteria cannot live on low temperatures so it will die with cold in the freezer. Thaw your shoes and they are ready to wear, now odor-free.

Mentioned above are just a few of the home remedies on how to get rid of stinky smell from the shoes as caused by bacteria in your shoes.

Stinky feet can cause your shoes to also have a stinky smell. Home remedies on how to prevent foot odor have been included as well.

Being aware of these simple and relatively low cost home-remedies to get rid of stinky smell from shoes, you only have yourself to blame if your feet and shoes will still remain stinky.


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