How to Slay Stress

4 Quick Methods to Slay Stress this New Year

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A new year is like moving out.

There are new opportunities to explore, and you feel like you have all the time to do it. So you think like “last year is a goner, this year is a new dawn.”

You are doing everything right. Your diet is on point. You are a workout royalist and heck! You are a die-hard yoga fan.

But then stress finds you.

You do not know how, but nevertheless, it eventually catches up with you.

So how do you get rid of stress?

Relax. I have some good news, some tips that will make this New Year your independence day.

Below 4 easy steps to follow and hopefully you should find yourself side by side with tranquility.

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Breath It All In To Let It Out

Breathing in deeply is the easiest way you can get rid of stress this New Year. 

Chasing your dreams and goals is never a walk in the park. When you are up and down sweating for a nickel and a dime, breathing it all in and letting it out is the ultimate stress reliever your hectic life needs.

Focused breathing is a relaxation response that according to The American Institute of Stress, acts as the super stress buster.

According to AIS, abdominal breathing lasting for about 20-30 minutes leaves your body relaxed, calmer, and focused.

Biologically, deep breathing, in fact, increases oxygen supply to the brain, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system and hence creating a peaceful time.

During yoga, you have probably done the deep breathing sessions, and I bet a dollar, that it felt good.

Breathing helps you reconnect with your body, creating tranquility, calms you down enough to let go of the day’s stress.

Make Stress Your Motivation

Today; stress is a bad thing. Period!

Modernity is already a disaster and creating more challenging times is a no way. However, stress is not bad a thing when it is used right.

Excuse me…what!?

Yes, you heard right. Spare me a few moments to explain that phenomenon. Experiencing moderate amounts of stress on a daily basis is actually good for you because it keeps you alert and motivated.

Stress is an eye opener letting you see beyond your comfort zone.

Tricky things, be it hard goals or responsibilities trigger a rush of adrenaline- the fight or flight hormone.

In other words, stress is a double-edged sword. You can either choose to let it motivate you or you can feed it till it becomes a disease.

Take control. You are the captain. This ship will only steer right when you are in control.  

Make a Routine

Now to one of the dumbest cliché of the year:  Routine is boring, so is normality.

Remember how that disciplined geek in school was a complete turn off in public but an idol in secrecy? I believe we all had such moments.

Teasing the nerd in public and then admiring his success when all trophies had his name on them.

Do you remember how everyone gave him the standing ovation after his Victorian speech? How your father looked at him proudly, and you wished it was you he was looking at, with that adoration.

Well, all that wishing can come true if you have a routine.

  • Have your goals on paper.
  • List down every challenge you encounter.
  • Note down life.
  • Make a small journal of your days.
  • Do things when it is time.
  • Say no to procrastination.
  • Take responsibility and make no excuses.

Successful people are on top today because they choose to be boring rather than make excuses, yesterday. Routine brings about discipline.

But watch out, because a routine is habit forming and addiction is not a good friend of motivation. Make a routine but have an open mind.

Sip a Cup of Herbal Tea

Eurycoma Longifolia, the scientific name of Tongkat Ali extract, is a naïve herb in Indonesia and Malaysia.

For thousands of years, the indigenous people have used the herb majorly for its medicinal purposes more particularly increased sex drive, strength, stamina, virility and physical endurance.

In modern times, the herb is still effective and is also used as anti-aging support treatment and for weight loss.

Studies done on Tongkat ali show that properly standardized portions of the supplement can free testosterone, reduce fatigue, and improve well-being.

Tongkat also reduces the secretion of cortisol the stress hormone and also improve on mood.

Sipping a cup of Tongkat Ali after the day’s work protects your body from the detrimental effect of modern day chronic stress including everyday stress, dieting problems, exercise training and sleep deprivation.

After spending the day hustling or hassling, take Tongkat Ali- Mother Nature strongest aphrodisiac and get rid of any accumulated stress.


As you usher in the New Year, know that you have all the tools to get rid of stress.

Happy New Year to all the new stress-busters already implementing the tips mentioned above.



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