5 Effective Ingredients for You to Treat Internal Bleeding from Home

5 Effective Ingredients for You to Treat Internal Bleeding from Home

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It is undeniable that internal bleeding is a potential risk for people’s health.

In other words, it may lead to many unwanted situations if not treated properly and timely. Being known as the bleeding out of people’s blood vessels, internal bleeding takes place inside the body system, making it is very difficult to identify.

Some common causes of internal bleeding are trauma, traffic accidents, surgery and so on.

More than this, it is very easy for internal bleeding to trigger patients to go down with dizziness, hypertension, blood loss, cardiovascular collapse, etc.

Therefore, the treatment for internal bleeding is very necessary.

In case you find yourself suffering from symptoms of internal bleeding, it’s highly recommended that you should go to see a doctor for consultation.

Following are some common home treatments for internal bleeding which are applied widely by many people.

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Wild Geranium

More than a popular herb, wild geranium can also function as an effective home remedy for internal bleeding.

In contrary to the many people’s common belief, wild geranium’s roots are excellent solution to internal bleeding.

To be specific, it is thanked to the fact that wild geranium is the perfect combination of tannins, astringent as well as styptic – powerful substances for releasing internal bleeding discomforts.

Nevertheless, there is an important thing to take notice: geranium roots should not be applied for pregnant women as it may cause some side effects.


When it comes to home remedies for internal bleeding, people usually mention birthroot.

What makes birthroot great in the fight against internal bleeding is that it is packed with a considerable amount of tannins and saponins, which may produce anti-inflammatory effects.

Therefore, you can give birthroot a try and enjoy positive changes it brings about to the state of your internal bleeding.

Moreover, not unlike wild geranium, birthroot should not be taken if the patients are women during pregnancy.


For a long time, people have been using yarrow as a traditional method of healing wounds. What’s more, yarrow can turn into a good way to get rid of internal bleeding.

Thanks to a great source of volatile oil as well as flavonoids, yarrow may assist in reducing internal bleeding symptoms, especially when your problem happen in the area of lungs, bowels, bladder, etc.

One more thing, if you are allergic to plants of Aster family, please stop using yarrow for the treatment of internal bleeding.

Aloe Vera

Clearly, Aloe Vera is famous in beauty industry thanks to its ability to remove blemishes, skin tag as well as many other problems.

Moreover, Aloe Vera can help with fighting against internal bleeding.

In particular, by speeding up the healing process, soothing inflammation, curing opened wounds, Aloe Vera may be beneficial for making your problem less and less serious.

  • Have some Aloe Vera leaves to extract their juice
  • Mix it with some water
  • Let yourself consume the solution 2-3 times a day


In some special cases, internal bleeding happens as a result of probiotic deficiency.

Therefore, it’s easy to understand that probiotic supplementation is good for treating internal bleeding. Also, probiotic should be consumed under powder form to cultivate it to the fullest extent.

The reason is that it is difficult for probiotic capsules to be dissolved completely.

When being consumed, probiotic will take the responsibility to reduce inflammation, heal pain, prevent blood loss, helping you say goodbye to internal bleeding quickly.

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