5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Festive Seasons

5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Festive Seasons

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The Festive Season is usually the time for people to indulge themselves and submit to their food cravings.

It’s also usually the time that people tend to forget to look after their health and hygiene. The most overlooked during the festive season is their teeth and oral hygiene.

But there’s no need to worry.

There are preventive measures to make sure people enjoy the festive season without harming the teeth. Here’s a listed guide of five essential tips for anyone who needs to know how to keep their teeth healthy during festivities.

Tip No. 1: Make Sure You Drink Lots of Water

Water is nature’s way of refreshing yourself, your body and your internal system, including your teeth.

People are advised to drink as many water a day as possible. Your teeth are one of the many parts of your body that benefit from this.

Everyone drinks lots of sugar-enriched beverages during a festive season or outdoor food bazaar, and the acidity of these drinks take a great toll on the teeth. The water helps in washing away the acids.

Fluoridated water helps cleanse away the toxins that harm your teeth when overeating. In fact, the water you drink also helps in reducing the harmful elements that may cause dental decay and enamel erosion.

It’s better to prevent the erosion of the teeth’s coating before cavities have built up. Drinking water is one good preventive action.

Tip No. 2: Always Bring a Toothbrush

To keep your teeth healthy, one simply has to remember to always bring a toothbrush when packing.

Studies show that brushing your teeth three times a day will strengthen your teeth and eliminate the germs and microbes that cause tooth decay, especially if you do it mindfully.

The eating habits during festivities are erratic, and the overconsumption of alcoholic and sugary drinks is over the top.

Packing your toothbrush and using it after an indulgence of these drinks ensure that your teeth are well-taken care off.

Tip No. 3: Do Not Share the Toothbrush and other Utensils

It’s tempting for festival goers to overshare their things. Forks and spoons may go from one’s mouth to another without concern of washing them first with laundry soap and clean water.

Sometimes people even share their toothbrushes when camping out.

Everyone knows this isn’t recommended, and that is why festival goers should be reminded of bringing their own toothbrush and utensils to avoid one person’s germs in the mouth from entering into another’s.

Never should one share around their toothbrush. It’s easier to avoid this by being prepared before going to outdoor festivals and packing the toothbrush way ahead of time.

That way, after the festive buffet, all one has to do is get the toothbrush out of the bag, and voila, the teeth can now be cleaned.

Tip No. 4: Avoid Artificial and Hidden Sugars

A festival isn’t festive without the overflowing alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, cakes and other sugary treats.

The teeth are sometimes not able to cope with that amount of overindulgence even with brushing. The best way to remedy this situation is to avoid these foods during festivals.

People can easily do this by staying away from drinks that are supposed to be sugar-free, since the artificial sweetener in that drink may be even worse for the teeth.

Cakes that are said to be sugar-free can contain alternative or hidden sugars that can contribute to a worse damage to children’s teeth.

When eating at festivals, people can keep the teeth healthy by just opting for drinks with their own natural sugars, such as orange juices and lemon juices with honey.

Tip No. 5: Eat in Moderation

The last best tip that people can follow for healthy teeth during festivities is just to eat in moderation. All kinds of foods can contribute to the damage of your teeth’s health.

It is true that there’s a lot of temptation during festival celebrations, but if people kept in mind the fact that there’s a way of moderating the food intake without losing the fun of the festival, healthy teeth can be guaranteed.

Summing Up

There are plenty of ways to make sure you keep your teeth healthy and have the healthiest oral hygiene even after a week of jubilant festivities.

Keeping in mind the simple, easy tips listed in this guide can go a long way in making sure your teeth are healthy, sturdy and free of the toxins that cause their decay.

Enjoying a festive celebration is fun and can contribute to a healthy well-being but health impacts your wealth, so making sure you keep your teeth clean and healthy has to be a priority.


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Ethel Huizar is a Dental Hygienist and a Co-Founder at HealthRow. She has graduated from Master of Public Health, University of Colorado. While exploring health-related topics, writing and doing research, she aims to inform her readers about the number of ways to lead healthier lives.


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