5 Reasons Your Boss Should Buy You an Adjustable Work Table

5 Reasons Your Boss Should Buy You an Adjustable Work Table

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The Amazing Benefits of an Adjustable Work Table

Let me ask you a question.

How many times have you been sitting at your desk, bored out of your mind feeling like a slave to your company and without motivation?

How about after lunch? You have just finished inhaling that soggy sandwich down during your allotted 1-hour lunch break, go to sit back down at your desk and then immediately feel as though you are about to nod off.

But you have a ton of work to get through and your boss is on your back, so you get up and grab your third cup of sugary, watery office coffee of the day and then get back into it, wishing the day to end so that you can head home.

There it is, 5 pm and time to get home, you get up out of your old office chair that has had many an office drone behind on it, and feel a slight twinge in your back and your knee snap and click as you rise out of your cubicle.

You also make the universal groaning noise as you hoist yourself up, pushing with your arms to help your atrophied legs.

OK, I am painting a pretty bleak picture here admittedly, but I bet that it is not a million miles away from many people’s lives.

Perhaps your office is better or worse than I have just described, but the point is that there is another way to improve your life here, and that way is the magical and amazing height adjustable desk!

OK, so without further ado, here is the list below:

1. It gives you the option of standing

The new thing in office ergonomics (yes, that is a thing!), is standing desks. We all know by now that sitting all day is just not that great for our health.

By having a height-adjustable desk, you can have the option of setting it to the level that you can stand at, as well as being flexible enough to lower back down if you get tired or just feel as though you have had enough of standing.

The great thing is that you can vary the way you work. If you like to start off standing in the morning when you get into work then sit down in the late morning, you can do this.

You can then set it to stand again after your lunch so that you digest your food properly and don’t feel tired, and then during the late afternoon, you can set your adjustable desk back down to a sitting position.

2. Gives you your own ergonomic workspace

Even if you are not overly keen on standing all day, you can certainly get some fantastic ergonomic benefits from having a height-adjustable desk.

Most normal offices that contain normal working people are generally not created like those we see at Google or other amazing looking offices!

They have one size fits all office equipment but seem to neglect the fact that we are not all one size.

By having the option of coming to work and adjusting your desk to fit you and only you, you are setting yourself up for a serious improvement in health and productivity.

No more backache at the end of the day or wrist strain from reaching your mouse and keyboard etc, just a nice, comfortable environment to work in.

This is especially true when we consider hot desking, the process where desks are shared among employees on shift work.

If you could adjust your desk slightly, you can feel a bit less like an office drone and more of a person with your own desk that fits you.

 3. It will improve your productivity

I have already touched on this in the other points, but it is definitely a very important factor. Especially if you show this article to your boss!

If we just take the fact that coming into your office the next day to see a brand new adjustable work table waiting for you to adjust it for your own body, you will already be happier knowing that you are thought of as an important part of the company.

I know I would. If I came in and the boss said to everyone that after careful consideration for his employees well being, he decided to purchase some lovely shiny new office furniture; I would feel pretty loved.

So that tackles the mental part, now how about the physical health bit? So, if you want to see more Ergonomic Product Reviews, click the link.

Well, as I said earlier, by being able to adjust your work station, you will gain some positive benefits such as better posture (which is really a catch-all term for improving your entire musculoskeletal system) all the way to increasing blood circulation and aiding indigestion.

4. They don’t have to be expensive

As with ergonomic chairs, you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a perfectly adequate height adjustable desk.

This will be music to your boss’s ears of course, but also to you as well.

If you cannot get your boss to shell out for one, you really should think very hard about getting one for yourself.

You could also consider an ergonomic chair to bring into work (easier to get in and out yourself) and will do a good job of improving your health and happiness.

Of course, both an ergonomic chair and a height-adjustable work table paired together will do wonders, and you would get even more health points if you combined them with an ergonomic keyboard and mouse set; but getting one or the other is perfectly sufficient, to begin with.

5. They will cut down on sick days

This one is the big one really when trying to convince your boss!

I am sure we all know someone in our places of work who are off for several weeks at a time for chronic pain somewhere or other, usually the back and even more specifically the lower back.

Now having this kind of pain is awful and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone because I have seen first hand with my own mother, just how bad and disabling it can be.

However, from a purely business and money point of view, it cost a lot of money for a business to keep paying these employees and not getting any labor from it.

In order to cut down on these kinds of long term and expensive sick days or usually weeks, an investment in ergonomic office equipment should be very seriously considered.

Your boss will get a massive return on investment (ROI) from being brave enough to embark on this kind of expense.

A report by a Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University no less, found that 64.7% of participants in his study indicated a definite preference and increase in productivity when using ergonomic equipment.

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Companies that invest in ergonomically correct office equipment generally see big reductions in lost workdays and costs associated with workers’ compensation claims.

Employees (read you and me) are happier, healthier and more productive.

Your boss should really invest in the future of the company and get a whole new set of ergonomic office furniture, however by starting with an adjustable worktable, he or she will be creating a much better environment to work in and will see an increase in revenue and productivity.

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