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9 Little Known Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

Pole dancing isn’t only for those looking to get into shape or tone their muscles.

In fact, pole dancing is for everyone who is seeking to receive its many unexpected benefits that you might not know about.

So if you’re interested in combined performing art, acrobatics and dancing using a vertical pole refer to the following section for the amazing benefits that a pole dance lesson can offer.

Pole Dancing Benefits


Whilst there are many benefits to pole dancing, there are risks involved. Make sure to visit your doctor before starting any kind of workout routine.

1. Stomach Muscles

Pole dancing builds core muscles.

If you’re looking to develop a flat belly, pole dancing may be the best way to start. It does not require crunches or sit-ups, but it can give you those six-pack abs you’re aspiring for, with simple movements.

With it, you don’t also have to lift religiously for up to five times a week or months to get that toned abdominal muscles.

Remember also that healthy eating is a massive factor in this and we all have abdominal muscles, just hiding under some of our belly fat!

What pole dancing does is to be a work out to help to remove some of it.

2. Intense Cardio

Pole dancing can spike up your heart rate, improving blood flow to every cell of your body and supplying it with oxygen and nutrients that help you stay at the peak of your health.

It is an excellent cardio workout without the pressure on your joint and knees, reducing your risk to injuries that you might have to deal with from running or jogging.

And as you may know, cardio can whip your body into shape within weeks, providing you that needed motivation to keep up with your training goals.

Pole dance classes in the pole studio (or at home with an instructor) can also improve blood flow, making it the perfect exercise for the heart.

If you pole dance, you can engage almost all the muscles in your body as well, making it a full body workout without pounding the pavements.

So go on and keep your heart racing! 

3. Build Lean Muscle 

Pole dancing helps you build lean and toned muscles.

Flexibility improvement and strength training – these are two primary functions of pole dance moves for everyone.

At a standard, each class begins with body-weight exercises, including squats, push-ups, and other warm-up exercises, helping you lose fat around your abs and build muscles.

After, an instructor will help you learn some moves, including tweaking, bending, spinning and climbing the poles.

While they look easy on those videos, they actually are not. In fact, such movements require strong muscles, and these are what you can build as you progress in your pole dance training.

4. Activate Your Creative Juices

Pole dancing helps you learn dance techniques that make you more active and healthier.

Awaken the dance artist in you, perform in front of an art-appreciating audience and feel every moment of your performance.

5. Social Benefits

Pole dancing classes give you a social opportunity, providing you with happiness and making you healthier with less stress.

Meet interesting people and make new friendships in your pole dancing classes.

When compared to Boot Camps and other group training classes wherein you train with dozens of people, pole dance classes are smaller and more intimate, providing you plenty of opportunities to know other individuals.

6. Builds Confidence

Pole dancing is also for you if you’re the shy type who finds it hard to socialize and express yourself, as it builds your self-confidence.

Again, this reduces stress when faced with the challenge of being in front of many people. As you progress, learn the basic movements, including bending, and develop strength, you can build self-confidence. (Just like “Hey, watch me move!).

With pole dancing, you can make heads turn, not only because of your sexy moves and perfect posture but also with your exuding self-confidence that shows.

So achieve the graciousness of a cat by enrolling in a pole dance class now.

And with increased confidence, all of the life’s stresses would simply go away – and that is one of the biggest benefits of pole dancing that improves your emotional and psychological health.

(For example, an intense dance session release more endorphins, the euphoria and happiness hormones. With a higher level of it, you will be happier and calmer to take on just about any challenge you meet outside of the studio.)

7. Increase Motivation

Pole dancing is also a great workout to motivate you, and motivation also makes you healthier because it encourages you to work out consistently.

Unlike other types of exercise, which can get you bored after a few sessions, pole dance classes can keep you excited session in and session out because you’re able to learn new dance moves and complete a dance routine from time to time.

Thus, if you want to stay motivated to work out harder (or lose weight faster), then pole dancing may be what is for you.

This workout is simple, easy to learn yet very motivating overall.

8. Boosts Flexibility

Pole dancing improves flexibility.

Perhaps, there is no better way to improve it than pole dance lessons.

So if you’re someone who finds it hard to touch your toes when bending, you might want to try out pole dances and enhance your flexibility in no time, not mentioning it also helps develop a good posture.

One unique feature of these classes is that students can learn how to reduce the tension in their muscles through the plenty of stretches involved.

There are also backbends and splits into some movements that can further improve flexibility.

So if you want to be like one of those pole dancers, who can move as if they’re boneless creatures that you admire on YouTube, it is time to engage in pole dancing adventures that develop your balance, posture, coordination – and flexibility.

9. Alleviate Pregnancy Pains

And last but not the least – pole dancing also reduces back pain during pregnancy, one of the biggest advantages of pole dancing for women.

And because it can also work the abdominal muscles, it can make childbirth less painful. This benefit is perhaps an overlooked aspect of pole dancing.


Pole dancing lessons offer unexpected benefits.

It is a full body workout that improves the core muscles, cardio health and flexibility. It also boosts self-confidence and keeps you motivated to work out harder.

Pole dance lessons also give you an opportunity to make new friends, learn dance moves and perform an art.

With pole dance movements, you can also develop lean and tone muscles, lose weight (and give birth easier later).

But because there are many kinds of pole dancing (sexy, art and sport), study and compare your options, or better yet, consult a pro in pole exercise to help you decide on the matter through an assessment of your needs and level, among other factors.

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