A Massage Is The Best Valentine For That Special Someone

A Massage Is The Best Valentine For That Special Someone

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It’s common knowledge that massage therapy is an invaluable medical practice that can help with a truly vast array of problems, both mental and physical – but it’s often undervalued as a kind of game-changing relationship tool.


What Massage Can Do For Couples

Massage has an almost aphrodisiac like effect, insofar as it encourages not only the cultivation of dopamine and serotonin, but oxytocin – which has been referred to by some as a kind of cuddle-chemical.

Indeed, if one is more inclined to offer an intimate, DIY approach to massage, it can function as a kind highly sensual activity between consenting adults.

However, this DIY approach is, of course, no match for the clinically-trained professionals if you’re seeking to use it as either a medical methodology or a hands-on type of relationship counselling.

In particular, if the matter is related to mental health and building up serotonin, it’s vital to treat yourself to a massage and experience its benefits, but it’s also important to treat others.

Why Use An RMT

A registered massage therapist (“RMT”) is a certified professional who has completed specified hours of training, passed a national exam, carries necessary professional insurance, and has passed a background check.

RMTs work with patients, of all ages and genders, to help in the treatment of illness, rehabilitation, and disability.

Indeed, The Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario reports that there are many health benefits for individuals or couples receiving massage therapy.

The benefits include massages to ease low back pain and varying joint aches and pain. Massage surveys and research have concluded that 43% of persons like massage therapy for medical conditions and 29% of persons receive massages to relieve stress.

Other Benefits

A good therapeutic massage can cater to the needs of those with problematic menstrual cycles and prenatal and postnatal conditions.

The many benefits of massage therapy for women specifically involves the ease of lower abdominal pain, bloating and cramping in PMS symptoms by improving circulation and strengthens the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system.

Women find great relief with pregnancy issues when they see a massage therapist.

A good massage helps makes labor pains shorter and easier. A regular hospital stay massage can even shorten their hospital days and reduce post-partum depression.

Certified massage therapists sometimes offer mobile services for a one-on-one treatment that allows you to pamper yourself at home, at the office, or special events like a wedding shower.

For sports players, this service is part of most sports medicine and is available on-site at professional games. A therapist will come where players are to provide relief from chronic pain in the muscle groups in different parts of the body.

Additional benefits from massage therapy services entails the following:

Life can get busy and people often push our health and well-being to the backburner in our stressful day-to-day lives.

But good health is essential so why not treat yourself or a loved one for Valentine to show your love. In just 60 minutes one can receive relief from any chronic pain and thereby help you get back on track and enjoying life again.

Individualized and employee benefit health insurance plans recognizes massage therapy as a good tool for physical and mental health; most insurance plans are thereby accepted and paid for in full.

No matter the purpose of the treatment (be it something simple or complicated), this Valentine’s day is, perhaps, a perfect opportunity to go in for couple’s massage therapy with an RMT.

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