Hi there, and welcome to Health Form. My name is Harry and my mission with HealthForm.org, is to give you simple & easy advice about many different health & nutrition related subjects.

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Health Form Mission

looking great is just a side product of general health

  • Give you simple, easy to follow advice
  • Help you to understand that great health takes time
  • Create useful articles that normal people can follow
  • Reference each article to back up our claims
  • Promote any kind of "get healthy in 1 day" products
  • Give you BS information
  • Promote very expensive and useless products that we wouldn't use ourselves
  • Give fake reviews to anyone who pays us

Health Ambition began in 2016 with only 1 goal in mind... to provide no nonsense, easy to understand health advice that will actually make a real, long term impact on your general health.

I am constantly frustrated by seeing too many health sites fail to provide any kind of actionable information to their readers. The ones that are actually fantastic resources; tend to be way to scientific and can sometimes scare people away.

I want Health Form to be a cut above anything else out there by creating advice can be followed by ​normal folks with busy lives ... not just the rich and famous with personal trainers etc.

To that end, you will never find any posts like the ones you see in adverts around the web...you know, the ones that make the claim that you can get a flat stomach in 3 days, or those wild claims about how eating the juice of an obscure berry will make you increase muscle mass by 267%

Looking amazing, is a consequence of being healthy #health #looinggreat

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Eating some delicious, healthy Sushi

So Who Am I?

I am just an average guy that has had my fair share being scammed on the internet with health products, and just want to give back with my advice and honest opinion.

I am the kind of guy that will tell you if something is not worth the words it uses to advertise, but also if a product, routine or piece of advice is something special; you will definitely know that it is by the end of the article!

I am from the UK and I grew up as a pretty skinny and long young man, whereas all of my friends were alwasy bigger, stronger and faster than me.

I hated this and I especially hated being known as "the little guy". So I made it my mission to put on some muscle and get big and strong.

However the way I went about it was less than ideal. I scoured the web to find out the "fast track" methods that would get me 6 pack abs within a week and biceps that were, "as thick as my leg" in 6 weeks, blah, blah, blah...all utter nonsense of course, but it was worse than that as I would soon find out...

Injury Strikes

So most of what I read online centered around taking certain supplements, (all crazy expensive), and creating extra strain by lifting more and more each day.

What I was too naive to understand, was that ​all of this advice was actually really great...if I was a pro and already had a certain amount of experience with lifting. But it wasn't clear to me, and the flashy images and claims were just too tempting.

I spent money on eBooks and courses, all to ​reach my goal of being bigger and stronger.

But then one day just after Christmas 2009, my knee just collapsed from under me when I was squatting a weight that I really shouldn't have been.​

Luckily it wasn't as bad as it seemed, I had twisted it in such a away that the cap had torn off. It sounds bad and it was incredibly painful, but ultimately I recovered.

However you know what was going through my mind when I was recovering?

I just wanted to get back out there and all of the gains I had made were slowly melting away!​

What next?

Well during my recovery time, I finanlly understood that I was going in completely the wrong direction.

Instead of just lifting without focus, I needed to find other ways. I found a great mentor who really buried deep into me that looking great, is just a side product of overall health.

For example, you look at a swimmer or gymnast. Neither of them will have gone near a heavy weight, but they look amazing, and more importantly, their bodies are secure against injury because of the correct form they use when working out.

How about now?

Fast forward 7 years, and I now have a beautiful wife and wonderful daughter.

I also know exactly where the limits of my body lies and what kind of nutrition it requires to stay fit and healthy.

Make no mistake; it took many years of trial and error to get to this point, but that is why I want Health Form to ​be the premiere destination to get you into peak performance.

If you'd like to get in touch with me or anyone else at Health Form, please contact us here. Let's get healthy...the right way 🙂

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Harry Bloom

Editor of Health Form

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Chief Editor

Health Form started as a simple website discussing my trials and tribulations when it came to not just becoming fit & healthy but also staying that way.

However, after gaining a large group of amazing readers and subscribers, I quickly found the need to expand the site into further areas of research and interest.

Health Form was written mostly by myself in the early years, but over time, I have enlisted the help of friends and professionals with certain expertise, to help me both write and publish the content.