The B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool by Boss – Our 2020 Review

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The Boss B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool combines comfort and ergonomic style and provides the best posture for work.

This kneeling stool has received so many reviews from reputable customers and has scored on our review pretty highly as well. Needless to say, it deserves a spot in our top five. Created by Boss office Products which is one of today’s most reliable brands to review this industry.

Not only does this company sell ergonomic office chairs but it also offers a variety of office tools designed to facilitate your work life.

B248-boss kneeling chair

B248 by Boss Stool Details

The measurements are 26 x 19.5 x 25 inches, no wonder the stool weighs a mere twenty pounds making it easy to carry around the office. Steel tubing is used to make the frame which ensures it will last longer and provide balance.

Product Features

  • Height adjustments via pneumatic gas lift
  • A seat and knees support that is well padded and covered with black fabric.
  • And easy to adjust the knee platform.
  • It has an easy to follow instructor’s manual making assembly quite simple for those who purchase it.

Pros and Cons

This simple, to the point and professional product, can be placed in any office room being as it blends in perfectly regardless of the line of work performed in the office it will be placed in. Thanks to the steel tubing the chair is sturdy and able to maintain balance, regardless of the user’s weight.

So, no matter how much you weigh, we have reviewed this product to be durable for any body type.

It is easy to adjust therefore users will be able to use the chair at the most comfortable height for them personally. If the user’s height is between five and six feet then finding a comfortable position will not be a problem thanks to the wide range of height options this product provides.

The other bonus of being able to adjust the height is that the chair can be lowered or lifted to any office desk or table height. Regardless of the height of the table or desk adjusting the chair to fit accordingly can be done easily and quickly.

The speed and ease with which you can adjust the Boss B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool ( make it easy to switch around between coworkers one after another. This is why we have loved reviewing this product!

As the hours go by you will continue to feel comfortable due to the sufficient amount of support provided to your bottom and knees.

Even after long periods of use its original shape is maintained which means you will always be able to rely on the same amount of comfort without fear of the padding tearing or becoming worn.

The ergonomic design this product offers lowers the amount of back discomfort you experience due to the fact that it straightens your spine.

This removes stress from the tailbone assisting to heal any swelling as well as muscle cramping which causes pain when you move.

Reviews have shown that using ergonomic chairs such as the B248 helps to increase the level of productivity in employees. Many times loss of focus is simply due to the amount of discomfort accompanied by bad posture.

The price is accessible but the only real problem when it comes to ordering this product is that due to its size, it cannot be sent with more than one order.

If you are however only purchasing the Boss B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool then this will not pose an issue. Although you do have access to warranty details they are not detailed on the website so you should inquire directly with the seller.

Who is the seat designed for?

Recommended for those who spend long days in seated positions, the B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool by Boss is ideal for them. Whether you have back problems or not, the kneeling stool will not only relieve any pains or aches you may have but prevent damage that could be caused due to poor posture.

Writers, programmers, office workers, call center agents, etc can all benefit from this stool which not only enhances that quality of your work but also minimizes back issues.

In Summary

In conclusion, the Boss B248 Ergonomic Kneeling Stool is ideal for all offices especially if you are looking to keep your employees motivated, creative and productive during work hours.

This is ideal for companies seeking to keep employee morale high, in the end, this investment will definitely be worth it. A very stylish option which is offered at a reasonable price and promotes ergonomic health it is no wonder that we have scored this product very well on this website.

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