The 5 Best Yoga & Exercise Ball Chair

The 5 Best Yoga & Exercise Ball Chairs – Our Years Review

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On this page, you will find our 5 best yoga and exercise ball chairs of 2017 that are available on the internet as of today.

We have personally evaluated these yoga ball chairs’ balance, stability and level of ergonomics that will surely help your health and fitness in the long run, as well as correcting your neck and back posture.

Our reviews include:

  • Comfortability
  • Product Price
  • Posture Advantage

There are thousands of similar products online that you can try as well, but these 5 are the ones we loved and thought would be the best for everyone’s tastes.

We have ensured that these fitness products have the quality and durability for long hours at the office or at home. So, sit back and enjoy the read!

Yoga & Exercise Ball Chair Reviews – 5 Of The Best!

Gaiam Custom Fit Yoga Ball Chair

fun and easy to use

This is a fantastic all-around yoga ball chair, with significant features such as fantastic comfort, full posture support, and a perfectly fair price point.

The Gaiam Custom Fit is at the top for a good reason. It is arguably the best of its kind currently being sold in the exercise ball chair market. As a manufacturer, Gaiam is racking up quite a solid reputation after having put out many excellent yoga-based products.

They use high-quality materials for the construction of their mats and bricks, so it comes as no surprise that their yoga & exercise ball chair would be excellent. They exceeded any expectations that consumers could have possibly had.

The specially designed Gaiam fitness balance ball is at the center of the Custom Fit medicine bouncy seat. With polyurethane construction, you can be sure that it has both comfort and durability in ready supply.

The medicine ball is locked tightly into the high-quality steel frame, but not so much that it’s detrimental or inconvenient. The stability ball can even be removed fairly easily.

A free DVD is even included with the purchase to give you some easily followed workout tips.

The Custom Fit is especially useful given its easily adjusted seat height. With this, you can always make sure you’re practicing perfect posture while sitting at your desk.

There’s also some serious lumbar back support here. You’re subtly guided into sitting in the exact ergonomic position that you should be in without feeling the need to slip into bad habits such as slouching or reclining too far back.

It doesn’t hurt that Gaiam has been able to keep their ergonomic products perfectly affordable for the quality they’re offering. This is a great choice for veterans or beginners alike, and the reviews tend to agree right across the board.

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Isokinetics Ergonomic Medicine Ball Seat

High quality

The quality is also plenty high with the Isokinetics. You can enjoy rock-solid posture, a pleasing comfort level, and another attractive price point here. It’s not too dissimilar to the Gaiam Custom Fit overall.

If you happen to find this one for a bit less, it’s still a strong contender you may well want to consider.

The Isokinetics gives you another high quality, removable exercise ball that lets you do your routine quickly and easily. You get a lumbar rest here with a fully adjustable height.

You can raise the base along 5 different settings compared to the Custom Fit’s 4. You can choose between different colors here as well, which might be important to those of you trying to keep your rooms or office spaces within a certain aesthetic design sense.

As for bonuses, there’s no DVD here, but you do get a tape measure to help you keep track of how much the ball itself needs to be inflated. You’ll get a pump for doing so as well.

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Original Gaiam Balance & Stability Stool

Closet to an actual chair

The original Gaiam is highly affordable and gives you better than average posture support and comfort despite the deceptively low price point. This product was designed by noted chiropractor Randy Weinzoff.

It combines the ergonomic properties of a medicine bouncy ball with traditional chair functionality and is, therefore, a major game-changer. It’s the classic example of what this list is all about after all.

The original Gaiam will likely always be a strong contender in the world of stability ball chairs.

This is definitely one of our favorite chairs here on our website.

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Adjustable Armrest Cando Fitness Ball Chair

Has armrests

A perfect choice for those that are new to the yoga scene, the Armrest Cando offers up better than average posture, plenty of comforts, and an agreeable price point.

The Cando is similar to a traditional four-legged chair. It doesn’t have a full backrest, but its lumbar rest is perfectly stabilizing. This allows the body to find its own proper posture naturally while also working on your core strength.

The armrests are also a nice feature, especially since they can be raised and lowered to guarantee proper forearm placement – an often ignored element of posture. With the armrest Cando, you’ll even be helping to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome! The price is higher than the others on the list, but the extra functionality makes it more than worth it.

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Sivian with Adjustable Back Workout & Exercise Ball Stool

Sleek design

You’ll want to consider this one if you happen to be a teen or college student. The posture you’ll get here isn’t quite as good as the other options, but it’s more than adequate.

It’s plenty comfortable, however, and there’s definitely nothing to complain about when it comes to the price point. This is one of the best options for helping younger people sit a bit straighter, especially since they spend more time sitting at a desk (often slumped over in front of monitors) than any generation before them.

The sleek design is easy on the eyes, and its black color makes it fit with just about any aesthetic. It’s also a nice size, so it will fit in a dorm (or small office space) with relative ease.

As evidenced by the name, the Sivian Adjustable Back Stability Ball Base has an adjustable lower backrest that provides variances in-depth and height alike.

You can also lock the base to prevent any unnecessary movement. Overall, if you want to make sure your teens don’t develop any nasty spinal problems, this is a fantastic option well worth considering.

This product will surely help your overall ergonomics at home.


So, now you have the top 5 products on the online market. With ergonomic designs that will surely captivate the user, your money will definitely not be wasted when you purchase one of these products that we have reviewed in this article.

For your money, you get comfort, better stability and an improvement in your blood flow & circulation with proper ergonomic therapy bouncy stools. So, what are you waiting for? Join the ergonomic change today!

We have personally reviewed the products individually, and if you want to learn more about them just click the link below each product. Have fun!

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