Beginner’s Tips: How To Make The Perfect Homemade Wine

It has been seen that for last thousands of years, people have been making wines at home.

Wine can be prepared using any kind of fruit and the most common fruit used is grapes. So by investing some time and energy, you are sure to make some amazing wine for yourself and your family.

Now, let’s see the step by step procedure to make the perfect bottle of wine at home.

Things You Will Need

For preparing wine, you need to have the following things:

  • Fruits – 16 cups
  • Honey – 2 cups
  • Yeast – a packet
  • Water

Apart from the ingredients, you will need to have some other things like

  • A glass jar or a 2 gallon crock. You need to make sure that it was not used to preserve pickles. Chances are there that it can contaminate the wine.
  • A 1 gallon carboy or a bottle with small neck.
  • A thin plastic tube
  • Campden tablets

Getting Everything For The Wine

Select The Fruit

Most of the time berries and grapes are used to make wines, but you can use any fruit to make wine.

It would be better if you can manage to get organic fruit safe from chemicals.

Collect the fruit that is at the peak of its flavor and taste.

Clean The Fruit

Clean the fruit properly and make sure that it is free from any kind of dirt.

If you want you can peel of the fruit, but for a stronger taste it is better to keep the peel.

A good amount of flavor is added from the skin.

Crush The Fruit

Once you have all the fruits, you need to crush them well. You can use a potato masher for the same.

Properly crush and squeeze the fruits.

In case you don’t have have much juice, you can add filtered water to it. You can even add hot water to the fruits but make sure not to use use tap water.

You can add campden tablet to the fruits which will release sulphur dioxide and help to kill wild bacteria and yeast.

Add Honey

Honey adds taste to the wine and acts as the food for the yeast.

The sweetness of your wine totally depends on the amount of honey added to it.

If you don’t want your wine to be more sweet, you can limit the use of the honey to 2 cups.

Add Yeast

If you are not using wild yeast, you need to add yeast to the mixture. So now add it to the bottle and help in fermentation process.

Fermenting The Wine

Cover the crock in such a way that no insect gets into it while air can pass through it.

You can even use a cloth for the same.

You need to place the jar in a warmer area to stimulate the growth of yeast. Find a suitable place in your kitchen for the same.

Stir Occasionally

You need to stir the wine every 4 hours. You need to do this for continuous three days. Once you will see the bubbles, you will know that yeast has started to play.

Strain The Mixture

Once bubbling slows down, you need to strain the mixture. Pour the liquid to a carboy and fix the airlock. Airlock helps in the gas to release but make sure that oxygen does not enter it.

Let Your Wine Age

For better results at least leave your wine for a month. If you have used larger quantity of honey then you must leave it for more time or else you will feel the wine more sweet.

Transfer Wine To Bottles

Once your wine is ready, change it into clean bottles. Once the wine is moved to clean bottles, leave them for ages for better results. You can even consume the wine directly.

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