Benefits Of A Vampire Facelift and Who Needs It-

Benefits Of A Vampire Facelift and Who Needs It?

There is quite a demand for therapies and treatments that promise to reverse the effects of anti-aging. One of the most sought-after treatments in recent times is Vampire Facelift and after working with different patients I can understand its appeal.

The simplicity of the process and almost painless experience is a major factor.

Quite unfortunately, however, many pass on this procedure without fully grasping the full benefits it offers and who stands to gain from it.

If you are hesitating to go for this treatment and you are wondering whether this procedure is good for you, then you are at the right place.

I will help you by taking you through the process, its benefits and who should go for it.

This way you will be in a position to make an informed decision even when consulting with your doctor and you would know if the Vampire Facelift is a viable option you should consider.

First, you have to understand what happens in a Vampire Facelift.  The name itself conjures up images of blood-sucking from your favorite vampire flick. The reality, however, is different.

How Vampire Facelift Works

After consultation with a qualified cosmetic surgeon, you will schedule for the treatment procedure. The first step in treatment is the extraction of blood from your arm.

The doctor will draw about 10-20ml of blood just like in a usual blood test.

After this, the doctor injects you with a natural hyaluronic filler in specific areas on your face after it has been prepped for the treatment.

The extracted blood is then processed to isolate the growth factors in the blood which form the platelet-rich plasma portion of the blood used in the whole process.

The isolation process lasts about ten minutes after which the doctor activates the 8 growth factors found in the platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) making them ready to begin their rejuvenation action once in the facial tissue.

To inject the treated blood into the face in specific areas, the doctor uses a small needle specialized for the purpose.

During all the injections, you face will be numbed by a topical anesthesia saving you from experiencing any pain. The whole treatment lasts between 30 minutes to an hour.

Once done the doctor will give you advice on care during your recovery and offer any medicine or painkillers to help you with your healing.

In your recovery period, all you need is to protect your face from the sun, harsh chemicals and irritants that may come from your makeup, lotions and even your workplace.

During this period you may experience reddening and depending on how your procedure went, you may have some blisters and swelling.

There is no need to panic as it will subside in a couple of days as the internal regeneration process begins.

A vampire facelift works in two ways.

The hyaluronic fillers give your face the youthful face by building up the volume to the desired levels, the PRFM on the other hand ‘tricks’ the body into repairing the skin it perceives as being damaged creating a new and fresh look.

This rejuvenating action is prolonged by the growth factors and goes on for several months after treatment.

The science behind the Vampire Facelift has been in use for several decades now which is proof that this method of treatment works.

It has been used by doctors in different fields like urology, sports medicine and orthopedics among others.

The high presence of protein growth factors in the platelets triggers a proliferous growth of surrounding cells in the area injected. This is what drives rejuvenation.

Benefits of a Vampire Facelift

There are many other types of facelifts yet the increasing demand for the Vampire Facelift points out to generally better results and a procedure many patients are finding friendlier.

Here are the main reasons why I would recommend a Vampire Facelift to my clients.

  • It results in the formation of new blood cells in the skin causing better blood flow to the skin. This means the skin is able to get more nutrients and improves its elasticity giving you a healthy skin and vibrant appearance.
  • It increases the rate of new cell formation which renews your skin.
  • It boosts the production of collagen which is responsible for countering the effects of the aging process.
  • It leads to skin regeneration by triggering the powerful stem cells already in the skin which form a new fatty tissue for skin repair.
  • It is a safe procedure since it makes use of natural substances. This prevents any reaction from the body’s immune system to the filler and PRFM making the whole process hypoallergenic. There are also no known side-effects of the procedure and it is almost a painless process.
  • The regeneration process is prolonged for about three months while the final result lasts over a year or even two.
  • The treatment is quick and the recovery period is shorter, lasting at most a week for a full recovery. You will not need to hide since a little makeup and using serum given by the doctor you can still go on with your duties.
  • By increasing the blood flow in the skin, the Vampire Facelift strengthens the skin’s immunity and helps in restoring respiration in the cells.
  • It is a holistic approach to treating the effects of aging on your face. This is because it caters for both the lost volume and shape as well as improving your skin condition internally and on the surface.
  • Compared to other facelift forms which require surgery, the Vampire Facelift is minimally invasive with only injection into the skin instead of an operation procedure. This offers a viable alternative for people who have minimal effects of aging and other skin conditions and do not have to resort to surgery for a solution.
  • Aside from just treating effects of aging like wrinkles, this therapy can be used to treat even skin conditions like acne. 

Who should get the Vampire Facelift?

Given that it uses natural substances with the PRFM coming from your own body, anyone could easily be a candidate for the treatment.

For specific concerns and skin issues, I have found this treatment to be specifically useful if you are experiencing any of the following conditions.

  • If you are dealing with acne and post acne conditions
  • If you have facial rosacea
  • If you are looking to eliminate hyperpigmentation on your face
  • If you have scars on your face that you want to treat
  • If you want to restore your skin after undergoing a chemical or laser therapy that resulted in deep peeling
  • If you are looking to remove facial wrinkles like crow’s feet, frown and smile lines as well as bunny lines on the nose.
  • If you want to restore skin from the harsh effects of sunlight
  • If you want a better skin tone which can be achieved by lifting facial contours.

These are some of the cases for which the Vampire Facelift treatment is recommended.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible to use this therapy. This could be as a result of a number of factors including ongoing treatment, medication, and physiological conditions.

The Vampire Facelift is not advisable in the following situations:

  • If you are suffering from immune and infectious diseases or any chronic illness unless approved by a qualified doctor.
  • If you have blood disorders of any kind including anemia
  • If you have used antibiotics less than 2 days before the procedure
  • If you have oncological diseases.
  • If you have problems with blood formation or any form of bone cancer
  • If you are taking any kind of blood thinning medication or medication with such a side effect
  • If you are a breastfeeding mother
  • If you are in your menstrual cycle, or you are pregnant or in lactation


For the success of the procedure, you will need to have a comprehensive consultation with your Vampire Facelift specialist.

Be honest with yourself on your condition and expectations.

Aside from determining whether you are a fit candidate for the procedure, the doctor is also able to work with you in setting up an effective and convenient treatment schedule.

The name of this therapy may carry with it the pop culture associations of vampires but its popularity is largely down to its effectiveness and the benefits it offers you.

If you are interested in learning more about the therapy don’t hesitate to reach out in the comment section.

Let me know what you want to find out or your previous experiences with this therapy if you have already gone through one.

Share your fears or other benefits I may have left out that you have experienced as a result of having this therapy.

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