Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

One of the most convenient as well as inexpensive ways of having clean drinking water at your house is to use a water filter pitcher.  If you don’t have any other type of water filtration system installed in your home, like an under sink, counter top or faucet mounted water filter. 

Although a water filter pitcher may not filter quite as well as those other options, it’s still better than not having filtration.  They are also convenient and inexpensive, since no installation is required. 

If you are searching for the best water filter pitcher, we have compiled our list of top picks in our reviews.

Best Water Purification Jugs

Brita Everyday

Best rated


  • Chlorine taste & odor
  • Zinc taste
  • Copper
  • Mercury
  • Cadmium





PUR DS-1800Z

Large volume


  • Chemicals
  • Bad taste and odor





MAVEA Elemaris

Most beautiful


  • Chlorine taste & odor
  • Industrial pollutants
  • Heavy metals
  • Agricultural chemicals





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Zero Water

Most advanced


  • Chlorine taste & odor
  • Lead
  • Chromium
  • Mercury





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PUR 18-Cup Dispenser DS-1800Z

This PUR dispenser has an 18-cup capacity, and is the largest sized best water filter pitcher to make our list. A unique carbon filter is featured on this dispenser.

It can remove as much as 96% of pharmaceutical trace levels and 95% of mercury as well as reduce the amount of chlorine in the water.

It has been certified to be able to get rid of 13 different contaminants which results in the water tasting good and having no odor, while still containing beneficial fluoride.

In order to save space, this pitcher features a slim design, which allows for it to be easily stored in the refrigerator and refilled conveniently at the sink.

The life of this filter is to 40 gallons of water maximum.

Brita Everyday

The Brita Everyday pitcher offers 10-cup capacity, and filters the water using a carbon ion-exchange resin filter. This results in water being produced that is free of odor and chlorine taste.

It also removes mercury, copper and zinc which is a very nice extra.

This filter is capable of producing as much as 40 gallons worth of healthy, clean water. In order to help you with knowing when to change the filter, it comes with a sticker filter indicator.

On average, the filter should last around 2 months.

Mavea 1001125 Elemaris XL Water Filtration Pitcher

The PUR model holds twice as much water as this 9-cup filter pitcher.

However, in terms of appearance and filtration effectiveness, it is a pitcher featuring a stylish design and is of high quality. It comes in various colorful options, including black, eggplant and ruby red.

The Mavea is made in Germany and the pitcher is made out of BPA free high-end materials.

The Mavea filter has been certified for reducing limescale, agricultural chemicals, industrial pollutants, heavy metals, odor and taste as well as chlorine.

All contaminants are removed, but yet the filter leaves behind beneficial silica, calcium, chlorides, magnesium and potassium. In other words, it produces balanced and clean water that tastes great, is free of dangerous contaminants, but still full of healthy minerals.

The pitcher is smart in addition to being efficient. It comes equipped with an indicator that lets you know when the filter needs to be changed. Its Smart Meter calculates when the filter should be changed based on how long the filter has been used as well as the volume and hardness of the filtered water.

ZeroWater ZP-010

This pitcher costs about the same as a PUR pitcher. However, it utilizes a more advanced filtration system, including a 5-stage process. It is a more complete system compared to carbon water filtration. All impurities are filter, including chemicals, chlorine, zinc, aluminum, mercury and lead.

Unlike a majority of carbon filters, not only are certain harmful substances removed from the water, but its 5-stage technology ion exchange system produces 000 ppm water. In order to test the water to determine if the filter is working properly, the unit is equipped with a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter. The battery powered meter notifies you whenever it is time for the filter to be replaced.

The ZP-010 pitcher holds up to 10 cups, making it very compact and easy to store inside the refrigerator. To make it even more convenient, there is a handy dispenser on the bottom of the pitcher. That way water can be accessed without even need to take the pitcher out of the refrigerator.

Introduction To Water Filter Pitchers

One way of having clean drinking water easily and quickly at any point in time is to utilize a water filter pitcher.

A water filter is included with these pitchers that removes chlorine in addition to other types of water contaminants. There are two water reservoirs on the unit. The water is poured into the smaller reservoir, which slows the flow through the filter. Once the water contaminants have been stripped out, the water flows into the larger reservoir.

Depending on the specific model, there can be different filtering speed, filtering capabilities and other specifications.

Buyer's Guide For Choosing The Best Jugs

Maybe you are interested in purchasing a water filter pitcher but aren’t sure what you should look for.

Do you know what features and advanced technologies to look for? With all of the numerous products that are available in the marketplace, how can you decide which one will meet your needs the best?

The following are some things you need to consider when selecting the best water filter pitcher for your needs and situation.

What would you like to have removed?

You first need to have your water tested so that you can determine what exactly is in your water.

  • Do you just have chlorinated byproducts or chlorine?
  • What other contaminants are contained in your water?

Some water filter pitchers that are less advanced only have filters that are capable of removing chlorine odor and reducing chlorine. Models that are more technologically advanced can not only remove odor and chlorine but can also remove other water and agricultural pollutants, microbiological cysts, heavy metals and pharmaceutical traces.

So if you know what pollutants are in your water, will help you be aware of that type of filter capabilities you should look for in a water filter pitcher.

What design are you interested in?

After you make sure that quality water will be provided by a water filter pitcher, the next thing you will want to take a look at is the design.

Everybody has their own unique requirements.

Therefore, you will want to search for a design that will work best for your kitchen and you. For instance, if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen for another unit or your refrigerator is extra small, then search for pitcher that is more compact. There are some models that offer unique designs which make for more convenient storage inside your refrigerator.

However, if you have a big family, you need a larger capacity water filter pitcher. For some people, another important feature may be appearance, while for other people it doesn’t matter at all. That is why different requirements and circumstances will require different pitchers.

What's your budget?

Before you buy a new water filter pitcher, it is important for you to first decide on the amount you want to spend. A majority of water filter pitchers are quite affordable.

There are some people, however, who may be willing to spend a bit of extra money to receive a product that is more advance and will provide higher clean water quality.

Pros & Cons


  • Most affordable water filtration system option
  • Portability, since they are easy to move around the home or take with you when camping, boating or traveling
  • Convenient with no installation needed
  • You can keep the water in the refrigerator to keep it cold and ready to drink
  • Provides good filtration level


  • Under sink, faucet and countertop filter, in addition to reverse osmosis and whole house system have a tendency to provide a better level of filtration
  • The filtration process at times can be very slow. When water is poured into the pitcher's top tank, it may take 10 minutes or longer for all of the water to completely filter through all of the media

Maintenance For Water Filter Pitchers

How often do you need to replace the filter?

Different filters are used by various models, so their lifespans will vary also. On average, however, the lifespan is approximately 2 months.

This is the equivalent of filtering around 40 gallons worth of water. It is advisable to change your filters on a regular basis so that your water’s flavor is maintained in addition to its quality.

To achieve optimum performance, reference the instruction manual for your specific model to see when you are supposed to change the filter. It is a lot easier to maintain some more advanced pitchers. You don’t have to guess when to replace the filter.

They have an electronic monitor that tracks the lifespan of the filter, which eliminates all of the guesswork.

What is the shelf life of the filter?

Usually the shelf life of a filter is indefinite.

If the filter is kept unpackaged and it isn’t used for a long time, it still would just as good as need and provide clean drinking water to you. However, to ensure that the quality of your filter is maintained, keep it inside a sealed bag until you are ready to use it.

Make sure to keep it in a cool and dry place.

How To Wash A Water One

A majority of water filter pitchers only require a low amount of maintenance. The only thing they need is for the filter to be replaced on a regular basis.

In terms of washing, you can do just wash the reservoir and lid by hand. Use a soft sponge and some detergent. If a soft sponge is used it will help to prevent any scratching from occurring while you are washing your pitcher.

You can place some pitchers in your dishwasher to make it even easier to clan them, however you should check your model’s manual to ensure this is possible.

Where Can Water Filter Pitchers Be Purchased?

Numerous retailers are available, so there are many different options available to you where you can purchase a water filter pitcher. Amazon is among the most convenient places to buy one.

They have many different options available often the best prices as well as free shipping and discounts offered.

The Bottom Line

The models that we recommend as the best water filters are made out of BPA-free materials.  The NSF has certified all of those pitchers for being able to remove certain contaminants. 

We selected them based on

  • Price
  • Design
  • Effectiveness
  • Customer reviews

In order to give you an outline and save you time when searching.

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