BIPAP Mask Styles

A BIPAP mask is available in a number of sizes and styles, in order to provide comfort during your apnea treatment.

The type of BIPAP mask you choose will be based on your comfort and how you sleep, whether you sleep on your side or stomach, if you sleep with your mouth open, or if you easily become claustrophobic.

Choosing a BIPAP Mask

The nasal pillow BIPAP mask has become more popular in recent years.

This style of apnea mask is recommended for use by patients who sleep with their mouths closed or patients who are claustrophobic and unable to use full face masks.

This can also be a good option for patients who like to read or watch TV in bed, because this model won’t block your view like the full face models.

This mask is small in size and features two flexible pieces, similar in appearance to mushroom caps.

These pillows will fit gently into the nares and attach to the BIPAP tubing. Patients who suffer from claustrophobia, or allergies, people with facial hair and patients with a narrow nose bridge can benefit from this style.

A basic nasal mask is one of the top selling styles.

These masks are triangular in shape and rest gently over the nose. The mask is accompanies by a forehead pad or strap that rests above the eyebrows.

This style of mask is recommended for patients whose BIPAP settings are twenty CM or higher. They are also a good option for users who sleep with their mouths open. This smaller mask is usually preferred over the full face masks.

Patients who find nasal pillow masks uncomfortable when using a higher setting of air pressure can benefit from this style as well. Keep in mind, if you breathe through your mouth you may still experience an air leak.

Air leaks can make your BIPAP therapy less effective.

The full face mask will cover both the mouth and nose. If you breathe through your mouth, then a full mask can provide more benefits to your treatment than a nasal mask.

The full face mask works to prevent air leaks, which can compromise your treatment. These masks consist of a soft inner cushion and a durable plastic frame. Some users find this style too invasive, however, newer models feature minimal pressure resting against the face.

Where can I Buy a Sleep Apnea Mask?

Purchasing an apnea mask online is appealing because it can be more affordable, however, it’s recommended that you try on a new style of apnea mask before you purchase. This will help you to determine if the style you’re interested in is comfortable and the right size.

If you’re experiencing a mask leak, then you’re not receiving all the benefits of BIPAP therapy. A high quality mask that fits correctly can provide you with a restful sleep, allowing you to be more productive during the day.

If you’re changing the brand of mask you normally use, be sure to try it on before you purchase it because there are slight differences in sizes that vary with each manufacturer.

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