The Bleach Pregnancy Test | How Accurate is it & Does it Work?

Bleach has always been known for being one of the top cleaning substances on the market today, but what you may not know is that bleach can also be used as a home pregnancy test aka the bleach pregnancy test!

All that you need to do is mix the bleach with urine, and there is no specific amount of bleach or urine that is required to give you the results that you need to tell you a positive yes or a no answer.

Any amount of either bleach or urine will work just fine. It is also advisable for you to conduct the test while in an airy space, as the mixture of bleach and urine can bring about toxic fumes.


This is only a guide and your results should NOT be taken as proof.

Bleach can be very dangerous and you should exercise great care before proceeding.

If you want a more trusted method of finding out if you are with child, then check out our top rated pregnancy tests​ here.

The Bleach Pregnancy Test

A woman who does not have the time or the ability to visit a doctor, or to go out and buy a pregnancy test at a store, can make one at home with bleach to tell if they are pregnant or not.

This is a test that will mainly involve the bleach that you normally use for cleaning around your home. However, the best part of using bleach is that it is something that remains readily available in most homes.

Because bleach is used as a cleaning agent by way of using the oxidation process, it is a great option for the pregnancy test.

Because there is no advisable amount listed for urine or bleach for the test, nor the time that is needed to wait until you check on the results, it could mean that the testing is NOT 100% reliable.

It is a good idea that you think about confirming your results that are from a bleach pregnancy test again by doing a separate test or visiting your doctor before.

How Does This Homemade Bleach Pregnancy Test Work? (Some Facts)

Every pregnancy test calls for the ability to identify the hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine.

This is a hormone that is present in the urine or the blood of any pregnant female. The HCG is going to respond to other methods that you may use for testing for pregnancy and the availability of HCG is noted in the urine or the blood.

Bleach is a great element to use for a home based pregnancy test, simply because of its ability to react with HCG.

Once HCG comes into contact with a substance such as bleach, there will be a reaction. This reaction will be used to help you identify whether or not the urine has HCG in it.

These are some of the things that you should be looking for when you want to identify whether or not you are pregnant by using bleach and urine.

Find Out If You Are Pregnant With The Bleach Test Step by Step

  • Pour standard household bleach into a container
  • Take fresh urine and pour it into a different container
  • Mix the two different liquids into one container and then watch to see if there is a reaction

With a positive bleach pregnancy test, you will notice that there is a reaction that seems to fizz, froth or bubble, this is a clear indication that there is HCG present in the urine.

This might mean that you are pregnant.

If there is no noticeable change that takes place once the two liquids are mixed together, then this is a clear indicator that you are not pregnant and that there was no HCG in the urine.

What If It Doesn't React?

If there is no reaction from taking this test at home, then you should not immediately assume that you are not pregnant.

We need to stress that this particular method is not 100% and you may need to go to get another FDA approached pregnancy test, or even go to your doctor to find out​.

I Am Worried About Others Finding Out

If you are worried about parents, friends or boyfriends/girlfriends finding out, you can check out the following ​links:

Bleach pregnancy tests are really like many of the other home pregnancy tests. I.e. simply because there is a reaction result and each will not have set guidelines on the amount of urine that is needed or a solid guideline as far as the time frame that is necessary.

The major difference is that there are clear safety precautions that need to be taken when you have a mixture such as bleach and urine.

This is a combination that can end up producing dangerous toxic fumes, so you need to only go about this kind of a test in a space that is well-ventilated.

Such toxic fumes can be dangerous for you and also for your unborn child if it shows that you are in fact pregnant.

How About Accuracy, Does it Actually Work, is it Accurate?

With a bleach and urine pregnancy test, women will consider taking it over having to go to the doctors for results or without having to spend money on an over the counter home pregnancy kit.

Anecdotal evidence has shown that a bleach pregnancy test is quite accurate. However there have been no conclusive evidence to prove its efficacy so far.

If there is a positive indicator after taking a bleach pregnancy test, the chances are high that you are actually pregnant.

If the results seem to be negative and you still believe that you are pregnant, it is going to be best that you look into having another pregnancy test done to find out for sure.

Can Certain Supplements Cause a False Result?

Many women taking taking certain health supplements such as a weight loss pill or drink, may be wondering if these can affect this test or not.

​Whilst pills that don't contain any specific hormone including the active hormone HCG that is used for this test and many other, you shouldn't really have to worry.

However if the supplement that you are taking produces a diuretic effect, i.e. they make you urinate much more often, you might find that your urine is not as concentrated as it might be usually.​

This increase in urination could produce a false result. However this is also true ​for many other test out there and not just the bleach test.

What You Should Know About This Home Based Pregnancy Test

While there has been a good deal of research done to show that the bleach pregnancy tests are a safe method to find out whether or not you are pregnant, it is recommended that you proceed with caution due to the fumes.

Additionally, there is the fact that the results may not be 100% accurate.

Overall, if you are at home without a test and you would like to find out if you are pregnant, you can get an answer simply by using your own urine and bleach.

That said, a bleach test is a decent & affordable first option if you are strapped for cash since bleach is usually inside many peoples cupboards already.

Many women are generally quite shocked that bleach can be used to test for pregnancy because most think that only a home-based pregnancy kit testing device or a trip to the clinic are the only options available.

However did you know that there was a time when midwives used to test for pregnancy by using frogs, Specifically the South African clawed frog. They were used in essentially the same way by detecting levels of HCG.

However the difference was in the reaction.

Whereby bleach will react by showing immediate signs, an amphibian pregnancy test would take about 12 hours to yield a result…of which being that the frog would lay eggs of her own!

Increasing Popularity

Because most homes have bleach and coupled with the fact that many women just want a quick way to give preliminary result; this particular home test is becoming more and more popular.

However as we have repeatedly said in this post, it can also give false results just like other home-based pregnancy tests might do.

Nonetheless, with a little bit of knowledge you can get near instant results that are quite accurate from a bleach pregnancy test. 

Final Thoughts

Our main advice is that the most effective method for determining if you are pregnant or not, is to only use scientifically validated pregnancy tests…usually involving a blood test with your doctor.

However we understand that sometimes it just isn’t possible to be so obvious about visiting the doctor and you may not want to encounter a ton of questions from from your family and friends.

So, the next time you think that you might be pregnant and you just want a little bit of reassurance, using a bleach pregnancy test or any other house based test may just give you a bit of peace of mine.

You really have nothing to lose because it will not cost any money and if you suspect that the results may be wrong, you should always reconfirm any results with your doctor and cross reference many different types of home pregnancy tests.

Overall, the bleach pregnancy test is a great method to try as a precursor to other methods 🙂