Body Champ IT8070 Review

Body Champ IT8070We like this one! 

It’s absolutely a breeze to use, as its compact and foldable, ideally built for a wide range of heights and weights, and perfect for quick and long-lasting results.

An inversion table is probably the easiest and most convenient way to fight off the negative effects of gravity on your body.

You see:

Gravity is the force that holds you firmly to the ground but it does have some negative effects on your body, particularly your back due in part to our upright nature.

While there’s no shortage of inversion table manufacturers, the Body Max holds an enviable leadership position, which has resulted in a host of inversion table products to suit a variety of needs.

The Body Champ is one such product that boasts of a plethora of remarkable features that we will get to below.

It’s an ideal choice for those looking to ease their perpetual discomfort arising from back problems. You will love its padded comfort and the speed with which you’ll see your aches and pain disappear.

Let’s find out more…


  • Built to ward off the ill-effects of gravity by elongating your spine and relaxing the muscles of your aching back
  • It’s crafted to ease the pressure on the ligaments, muscles and nerve roots of your spinal cord by decompressing your spine
  • The design has been envisaged keeping in mind multiple benefits, including alleviation of back ache, muscle pain and stress, as well as enhancement of body circulation and posture
  • You’ll find it extremely effective when it comes to ensuring perfect ankle adjustments for your feet, thanks to the lower spring-loaded pull pin
  • Height adjustment of this table is quite easy; all it needs is a simple adjustment of the deluxe dual-pin system built into it to locate the best position for your body within the range of 4’7” and 6’8”
  • It’s totally safe and stable to use, with a safety lock to keep it secure, while a sturdy safety strap enables ease of controlling the inverting angles to suit your body
  • Has four comfortable foam rollers that are crafted for safety and stability while providing cushioned comfort to your ankles

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to store and transport, and you can fold it virtually with one hand
  • Easy to use, with a simple feet locking facility which you can easily work as soon as your body is comfortably ensconced against the pad
  • Built for gradual inversion to prevent any sudden or abrupt body movements, which can have detrimental effects on your body
  • Equipped with U-shaped handrails that are solid enough to hold your weight as you invert your body and then bring it back to position
  • Has a high-density foam cushion to provide total comfort to your back even in an inverted position
  • Stretches the spine really well, with its traction force working on your spine with just the right amount of pressure to decompress the discs of your spine
  • Designed to support up to 250 pounds of body weight
  • Bolts don’t go into the nuts easily; you may need to tighten them really well to hold them in place
  • Ankle support is not the best of quality and you may find your ankles starting to pain after just a few minutes due to the absence of feet and ankle cushions
  • Assembly is a bit of a pain and may require the use of a socket wrench
  • May cause increased pressure on the eye in the upside-down position, necessitating a consultation with the doctor if you’re suffering from an eye problem
  • Has no control angle, which causes the body to go directly from 0 position to full inversion, and getting your body back to the horizontal position is also cumbersome
  • Plastic plug quality is not good, and the plugs tend to break pretty quickly


This is a solid and durable gravity device that is studly built which is simply perfect for stretching your back.

It’s particularly effective for low back ache and sciatic pain. The effectiveness of this inversion table can be gauged from the fact that just 2-3 minutes of use helps ease the pain for days, if not weeks.

You need to understand that making these exercise table an essential part of your daily routine and allow it to soothe your back into relaxation and then see your body follow suit, and the Body Champ will really give you a full stretch…even in spite of some of its short comings.


The option really depends of what kinds of features you are looking for. The Body Champ has a solidity and durability about it, coupled with ease of use which makes it a great option for heavy users.

However, Health Form is not here to just promote anything, and we pride ourselves on giving the entire picture which is why we have some comparisons to help you decide.

ALPINE© Pro Deluxe

A bright piece of equipment designed to ensure great fitness exercise made of comfortable PU leather; it has an interesting feature in the shape of E-Brake for users who have a waist problem.

It’s generally considered useful to battle compression related fatigue while improving the body posture and flexibility.

Merax® Foldable

For back therapy using a stationary platform-like frame to provide maximum stability while going in for inversion therapy.

It now comes with an upgraded ankle lock and release mechanism that’s easy to operate and you can also control its rotation speed with its 3-position pivot joints.


All said and done, the Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table is a good value-for-money gadget that comes with a strong legacy of excellence from a manufacturer who knows his business.

It’s quite a durable piece considering the price and it’s quite worthwhile if you’re looking for something to use occasionally but designed to last long.

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