Can Supplements Make You Smarter_

Can Supplements Make You Smarter?

Supplements to make you smarter: It would be amazing, right!

Who wouldn’t like to take a pill that could actually improve their memory, mood, and cognitive ability?

Having a pill that can make you smarter almost sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie. Drug companies already market medications that can hep improve brain function in people with health conditions like Alzheimer’s and ADD.

We already know that the kinds of food you eat affects mental health, so it leads on that there should be some kind of supplement that can concentrate this further?

Can drug or supplement makers also produce products that can support the brain function of regular people? 

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What Are Nootropic Supplements?

A nootropic supplement or drug is defined as a product that helps people improve their brain function.

Many of them have been developed to help people with brain conditions that may cause the loss of memory or cognitive function.

They may work by increasing the chemicals in the brain that help transmit signals between nerves. Because of certain health conditions, the body might be unable to supply these transmitters in sufficient amounts on its own.

Companies that make nootropic supplements say that their products can also help stimulate brain function for people who don’t suffer from any particular loss of function but just want their brains to function better.

Right now, these pills for regular people are all considered supplements because the FDA hasn’t approved a “smart” drug for people without a health condition.

Of course, some of these drugs are used of off-label purposes, but that’s really another topic. This also means that anything marketed as a nootropic supplement is made from natural ingredients and not from prescription medication.

Examples Of Nootropic Substances (Supplements That Make You Smarter)

These are some examples of nootropic supplements that make you smarter, i.e. substances that have been included in supplements:


DHA is an essential fatty acid that the cerebral cortex uses to support memory, concentration, and mood.

Researchers have focused on this natural substance because folks who naturally have higher levels of this chemical in their brains test very well for focus and memory.

Researchers have also estimated that over two-thirds of people have a DHA deficiency, so DHA research looks very promising. 


One common source of this substance is an Asian spice called turmeric.

Curcumin gives this spice its typical golden color.

This substance has attracted attention from researchers because it has the ability to increase the brain’s blood flow and help prevent inflammation.

Supplements offer a concentrated source of curcumin that is much greater than what would tend to find in their favorite Indian food. 


It’s worth mentioning caffeine because lots of people already use this substance to improve focus and memory.

Of course, most people get their dose of caffeine in their morning cup of coffee. However, most nootropic supplements also include caffeine in the “stack.”

You should know this because if you drink coffee and take one of these supplements, you might consume enough caffeine to make you jittery. 

How To Know If Nootropic Supplements Will Help You

Some people rely upon these new brain supplements to perform their best. On the other hand, other folks don’t really find that these products help them at all.

Before trying a smart pill, it’s a good idea to do some research to see what experiences that other folks have had. Then you might do a little experimenting in order to find out if you really can improve your mental performance with a supplement. 

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