The Cando Ball Chair with Adjustable Armrest Review

The Cando Ball Chair with Adjustable Armrest – This Years Review

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These days yoga ball chairs are getting an increasing amount of attention as more people start realizing how important having good posture and health is.

Cando is one of the most prominent brands of yoga ball chairs. They are a very worthy opponent for all of the other exercise ball chairs that are available in today’s marketplace.

However, is this product as great as it has claimed to be? Keep reading our comprehensive review to find out.

Product Specifications:

This exercise ball chair has been designed to come with a total of 5 metal frame legs rather than four. It also features a wide back that you can adjust or remove. It is black in color and comes with sturdy arms that provide additional support. Designed specifically for promoting ergonomic sitting, you can remove the arms if you want to.

Product Features

  • Sitting on the chair is very comfortable and its structure provides the user with sufficient support.
  • Stylish design allows for use in both the office and home.
  • Arm support provides dependability
  • Comes with casters and bill
  • Five durable legs
  • Removable back and arms

Pros And Cons

The arms are a great addition – particularly since a majority of yoga ball chairs don’t include arms. It provides the user with additional support, but you can also remove them if you wish.

This helps tremendously with maintaining the upper back in proper form and straight.

It is very easy to switch to this kind of yoga ball chair from a traditional chair, which enables you to conform to the body’s ergonomics immediately after reading the review.

Within a couple of days of using the exercise ball chair, you will discover that you are suffering from less back pain, have an improved posture, and feel better overall about your body.

The yoga ball chair reviews for this product have been positive overall with a number of buyers commenting on how effective this model is at providing pain relief when it is used long-term.

The balance ball chair comes with casters. For many users, this adds to the height adjustment. The casters aren’t necessary if you are about 5’4″. However, the casters are useful if you are taller than this.

Regular yoga balls fit into this chair, which allows you to replace its ball easily if you ever need to. The product will still give you the same great results.

This product’s main drawback is that this chair’s height cannot be adjusted. There is a good chance that this ball will not work for you if you are taller than average. However, inflating or deflating the ball can help with the adjustments.

Who Should Use The Cando Adjustable Ball Chair?

This chair is perfect for anybody having difficulties with their posture as they are working.

Based on its features, its design is best suited for women wanting something unobtrusive and clean in their offices. This product review is an ideal choice if you have a bad posture that is causing you pain.


Overall, the Cando Adjustable Balance Ball Chair is a great option if you are searching for something that is dependable yet inexpensive.

Although it features a basic design, this adjustable chair is more than capable of being able to meet the medical industry and user’s ergonomic health standards.

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