Is Obstuctive Sleep Apnea Hereditary? Symptoms & Treatments

is sleep apnea hereditary

Is Obstuctive Sleep Apnea Hereditary? Obstuctive sleep apnea involves disruptive breathing patterns (i.e. shallow breaths) during sleep. This pattern is sustained and prolonged leading to several symptoms. This is a problem which is estimated to affect millions of people around the world. With the airway being clogged up, a person can have spurts of blocked breath reaching …

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BIPAP Mask Styles

A BIPAP mask is available in a number of sizes and styles, in order to provide comfort during your apnea treatment. The type of BIPAP mask you choose will be based on your comfort and how you sleep, whether you sleep on your side or stomach, if you sleep with your mouth open, or if …

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CPAP Alternatives that Work

People with sleep apnea may be able to treat this condition without the use of an uncomfortable apnea mask, and still experience a good night’s sleep, thanks to some CPAP alternatives that work. The main treatment for obstructive sleep apnea is CPAP therapy. With CPAP therapy as well as other CPAP options, a patient will breathe through …

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