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What Is Detox Water | How to Make It & Benefits

Detox water has become one of the key ways to lose a significant amount of weight and boost the metabolism throughout the day.

If you have been trying to shed those extra pounds for a while now and nothing has seemed to work, this is your best bet because it has been proven to be effective.

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Just drinking water by itself is a natural metabolism booster; however, when it is paired with certain fruits, it can cause an extreme boost and actually kick up the speed of your weight loss by a notch or two.

Who doesn’t want that to happen?

Also, adding the fruit in the water can make the water easier to enjoy, causing you to drink more, resulting in even more pounds lost.

The bottom line is that detox water has become a trend for a reason, so it would be wise for you to become informed about it, and then join the crowd of people who include this trick into their everyday routine.

Here is everything that you need to know about detox water, and also a few of the best ways how to make detox water at home.

What Exactly Is Detox Water?

It is true that many people have heard of detox water, but have absolutely no idea what it is.

I mean, let’s be honest, just from the name it sounds kind of gross. It is anything but that!

It is simply water that has been infused with the perfect combination of fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

The key to detox water is choosing the right combination of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, and also drinking the water as cold as possible.

Infused water is great because it is filled with flavor, is incredibly healthy for you, but it has absolutely no calories at all, so you can drink up all day long if you wish… and you should!

Instead of filling up on calorie filled sodas and drinks all day long, having infused water with you can make for a tasty treat. You can even spice it up every now and then and use sparkling water if you want that carbonation fix during the day.

The great thing about detox water is that it is not only an excellent tool for weight loss, but it is also very healthy for you.

There are so many weight loss drinks and shakes out there today that may help you shed the pounds, but it is not benefiting you health-wise and can even be detrimental to your health in the long run.

Why and How Does It Help You Lose Weight?

Do not fall for the lie that detox water is just a diet fad that does not actually produce benefits or results.

This could not be further from the truth.

The truth is that simply staying hydrated throughout the day is a major role in weight loss. If you are dehydrated, your metabolism slows down which leads to a significant amount of weight gain.

You should be drinking up to half of your body weight in ounces of water every single day. This can be hard to do for some people with just plain water, and that is the power of detox water.

It is not adding in calories or sweeteners that pre-made mixes for water do. It is all natural, all fresh, and delicious.

Staying hydrated boosts the metabolism, so it is only common sense that detox water actually does detox the body and help you maintain or lose weight.

You can even take your detox water to-go by buying some plastic water bottles or glass jars with straws to carry with you. Always having your water with you means there are no excuses to not hydrate.

The True Health Benefits of Infused Detoxing Water

There are so many health benefits that come from filling up on detox water.

Besides it tasting great and not containing any calories, it also helps to improve your overall mood throughout the day, helps to keep you full during the day, so you do not fill up on calorie-filled unhealthy snacks, and it also helps to flush and remove any toxins that are making themselves at home in your body.

Your body deserves to be treated right, and detox water can help you give it the royal treatment.

Other benefits that come from this water are the fact that it is natural and helps the body to release all fat cells to boost water weight loss, it keeps the food flowing and moving through your system, it helps recovery after a workout, it keeps all of the organs healthy, and it can even keep you from feeling fatigued or groggy throughout the day.

If that is not enough reason to jump on the detox wagon, we do not know what is!

Detox Water Recipes That Will Make You Lose Your Mind and Your Weight!

One of theRefreshing-water-detox-diet-recipe1 most popular detox water recipes is simply lemon water.

Lemon is known as a popular metabolism booster, so you cannot go wrong with some lemon water. Add in some fresh mint to boost the flavor.

The lemon and mint together make for an excellent and delicious combination you will find yourself craving all day.

A delicious detox water recipe is by mixing cold water with fresh cut apples and a ton of cinnamon.


How To Make A Detox Water Drink

We actually get asked: "how do I make this recipe?", so we have decided to give you a few ideas.

Learn How To Make Detox Water | an Easy H2O A Boost

When you are trying to make a detox water, the first thing you should also remember is that water helps you detoxify by itself.

I say that just to remind you to also make sure you’re drinking enough H2O.

Now, on a side note, make sure you also first don’t need to detoxify the water. There are many different ingredients that you can add to your water to make a great detoxifying drink.

One of the first things you might want to think about is to make sure the ingredients you mix together in the water are still going to taste good.

You also want the most effective ingredients, so the best thing to do might be exactly what you’re doing, looking up detox water recipes so that you don’t have to experiment.

For example, how does an apple cinnamon water sound?

You can accomplish making this drink with just a stick of cinnamon and an apple. That sounds rather delicious, and the recipe says not to use the cinnamon in powder form.

You would be surprised how much that apple cinnamon water can do and why looking into other ingredients can help detoxify you and boost your health overall.

Some Detox Water Ingredient Ideas 

It is pretty easy to make this drink to be honest as you can use most any kind of fruits, vegetables, herbs etc.

However to help you get started, we have some ideas below:

  • Apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Ginger
  • Grapefruit
  • Cucmber
  • Watermelon
  • Mint
  • Strawberries
  • Mango
  • Orange

Did you know cinnamon is actually a powerful tool when it comes to losing weight because it spikes the metabolism, causing you to burn more calories throughout the day.

Do not be shy when it comes to consuming cinnamon. Put it on your coffee, put it on your granola, and definitely add it in your detox water!

One of the best combinations if you are going for sparkling water in your detox water is to mix the sparkling water with fresh limes and fresh mint.

It is basically a delicious mojito without the rum.

For a Metabolism Increase

Mango and ginger detox water is another fabulous way to kick start the metabolism at the beginning of the day.

Drink up in the morning, so that you will be burning those calories all day long.

It has been proven that those who get up in the morning and exercise and consume metabolism-boosting ingredients lose more weight because they are burning all day long, rather than later in the day or evening.

The great thing about this combo is that ginger is also known for relieving pain and https://www.healthform.org/7-best-herbal-teas-to-help-you-sleep-well/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>helping you sleep.

For Headaches or Menstrual Pain

If you have a headache or are suffering from menstrual cramps in the day, drink this combination and you will feel better in no time.

Tangerine and strawberry detox water is another popular mixture.

This mixture is high in Vitamin C and also helps boost that metabolism, which is your ultimate calorie burner and weight loss trick.

Cucumber lemon infused water is another excellent water. Simply mix them together and let them infuse in the fridge for a while for a spa-day treat.

It can be spa-day every day at your house if you want!

This drink helps to flush out toxins in the body and keep you happy and healthy as you go on with your day.

A trick to making detox water is to make an entire batch in a pitcher that will last you for a few days.

This way, it is always on hand and you have no excuses whatsoever for having to opt for a soda instead because you were short on time.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, so be sure to always have a combination or two of cold detox water in the fridge ready for you to drink up.

A Trick That Is All Too Easy

Many people seem to believe that losing weight has to be either painful, uncomfortable, or a disgusting experience where you consume a bunch of foods and drinks that taste awful.

This is just not true because there are so many simple tricks that can help you lose weight naturally without harming your body. In fact, this water helps benefit your body in a healthy way.

As a summary, detox water is basically the mixture of your favorite fruits and vegetables, with added herbs for taste and flavor. It is a simple trick to not only help you consume more water during the day, but it also helps boost that metabolism even more, so you lose more pounds.

We urge you to give detox water a try for at least a week or two.

You may not see immediate weight loss, it may take a month or so for true signs to show, but we do guarantee you will already start to feel better, both physically and mentally.

It not only helps you to lose pounds, it also improves your thought processes and gives you more energy during the day to accomplish whatever tasks you need to get done, whether it is at home detox water or at work.

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