Ergonomics Assessment Kits: What You Need to Know

Ergonomics Assessment Kits: What You Need to Know

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Interests on matters of lifestyle-induced ailments have taken precedent in recent years.

Consequently, more and more people are making concerted efforts to reduce the risk factors that are related to the majority of these ailments.

These efforts come in the form of improved healthcare, eating healthy diets, being active, and most recently, improving our workplace ergonomics.

Ergonomics is the science related to designing and creating a workplace environment that is specifically suitable for the workforce involved.

In this regard, it involves taking steps to ensure that the environment, whether an office, manufacturing, medical or any other environment is appropriate and, safe thus negating the risk of injuries associated with that specific working environment.

Ergonomic Assessment Kits: What Are They?

There are tremendous benefits to accrue from having an ergonomic environment in your workplace and also at home.

For starters, there are reduced health risks that yield reduced insurance premiums, improved workforce efficiency/increased output, and more importantly, you have a happy workforce.

However, business owners can only attain the aforementioned benefits when the efforts to set up an ergonomic environment is backed by a scientific approach.

This is where the ergonomic assessment kit comes in.

The ergonomic assessment kit, just as the name suggests are kits designed to help you assess how ergonomic your workplace is.

The kits are designed for use by professional ergonomists as well as novice ergonomists such as business owners.

However, for novices, they must use a guide to get the gist of the entire assessment endeavor as well as understand how best to come up with the best ergonomic solutions.

The kits come with the various devices requisite to come up with a clear picture of how efficient, comfortable, and ergonomic your workplace is, based on actual numbers, instead of guesswork.

There is a substitute for the kits.

Assessment Tools And How To Use Them

Force Measurement Tools

What is a force measurement tool, find out here.

Typical tool kits come with a plethora of force measuring equipment.

The variety of tools can include:

  • A force gauge (used for measuring the pull and or push force involved in moving items)
  • A scale (measures the weight of various items in the workplace),
  • A hand dynamometer (which measures the grip force)
  • Pinch dynamometer (measures the pinch grip force)
  • The force gauge pulls carabiners and strap that are used in measuring pull

 Environment Measurement

These categories of tools are used to measure the environmental conditions in the workplace.

The tools are:

  • A light meter which is used to measure the light level in the various workstations
  • A thermo-hygrometer which measure the temperature and the humidity level in the workstation
  • Optical tape measures that accurately distances
  • A sound meter which measures the noise level in the various workstations

Anthropometric Measurement

The category of tools is used to measure the posture of workers.

They include:

  • A ruler
  • A flexible tape measure
  • Agoniometer for measuring body angles

Visual Assessment Tools

These are cameras and display tools used to record and display the workplace environment.

Additional Tools

There are additional tools are you can opt for including carrying case or bag.


Safety and wellness problems in the workplace need to be addressed just the very same as production and the rest of the facets of the business enterprise.

Resolving the issue of lousy ergonomics begins with creating a quality assessment and this is where a decent ergonomic assessment kit comes in.

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