Everything You Need to Know about Vitamin B12

Everything You Need to Know about Vitamin B12 [Infographic]

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B12 is the wonder vitamin that is critical to feeling healthy, well and clear-headed, yet women, especially those over 50, are vulnerable to B12 deficiency simply due to having difficulties absorbing the vitamin into their systems naturally. In this article we will explore the B12 vitamin and take a look at the causes and symptoms of B12 deficiency, and discuss an all-important tip to ensure you take in the optimum amount of B12.     

B12 differs from the other important vitamins and minerals the body requires, in that it is most commonly absorbed from only one food type; animal products. Meat, eggs, dairy and seafood are rich in B12 which is great news for the omnivores amongst us, but not so great for vegetarians and vegans. In fact, vegetarians and vegans make up a significant proportion of people at risk of B12 deficiency, along with pregnant and lactating women and people aged 50 or above. This is because these people have a much harder time absorbing the B12 vitamin.

For the full low down of symptoms, causes, diagnosis and B12 sources check out this infographic put together by psysci:


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