The Gaiam Custom Fit Yoga Ball Chair review

The Gaiam Custom Fit Yoga Ball Chairs – This Years Review

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When it comes to exercise ball chairs, the Gaiam Custom Fit is top of the line. First introduced in 2011, it has been our No. 1 pick.

Since being released into the marketplace, the product has received practically all positive reviews online and a lot of review websites that are associated with furniture shopping.

About Gaiam

Gaiam is one of the leading fitness product producers, with a specialization in yoga equipment.

If you have been in a yoga studio over the last few years, you most likely have used a strap, block or mat made by Gaiam.

In 2005 it was the first company to introduce the original yoga ball chair, and on this review, we introduce it to you. They are responsible for this unique ergonomic furniture becoming so popular. The Custom Fit was released in 2011 as an upgrade for the company’s original balance ball chair.

This product has been designed ergonomically in a way that your body is encouraged to improve its posture. Instead of being a feature to slouch on, the low backrest provides support ( ).

With a high backrest lacking in the design, your core muscles start to quickly tone over time, and it becomes normal for you to sit upright.

We have found that the ball is very comfortable, particularly when compared to a regular office seat. You can inflate or deflate it to the proper level according to your needs. Just use the hand pump that comes included with it.

A nice addition to the product is its 5-star wheeled base. This chair’s mobility encourages you to keep moving rather than stagnating. This promotes circulation and flexibility. It is also very sturdy, which can be an issue with some of the competitor product reviews we have seen.

One major benefit that yoga ball chairs provide is your ability to remove the ball. You will have the opportunity to take fitness breaks at work.

Customers of the Custom Fit can capitalize on the DVD that is included with this product. It features different exercises that can be done using this new chair.

One user noted that the DVD was very easy to understand and straightforward for someone who isn’t too familiar with the gym balance ball. She added that at first some of the exercises were hard, but that her abs started getting used to the exercises fairly quickly and she started to see results in under 2 weeks.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the exercise ball chair, we highly recommend the Gaiam Custom Fit on our review. It is currently on sale online, with free shipping included to most of them. So, after this reading this review, it’s time to head out and buy one!

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