How HIIT Helped Naturally Lower My Blood Pressure AND Stay Healthy

We all know that being overweight can lead to a number of health conditions and problems. High cholesterol, hypertension, and heart disease are just a few serious examples.

However, taking control of your diet and physical activity have proven effects on combating some of these serious diseases, losing weight, and simply being a happier and healthier you.

The Story

So let me tell you the story about how I got into HIIT.

It was 2014, and I started having constant headaches during office hours. I was taking pain relievers and tablets almost every day.

Finally, after confiding with someone from the medical team at my office, it was suggested that I get my blood pressure checked. Sure enough, and to my horror, my blood pressure was 150/100. Yikes.

After regularly checking my blood pressure for a short time, I was diagnosed with borderline hypertension, which required me to start taking medications.

I was never a fan of taking medications.

Needless to say, this news was very scary for me. I decided to hit the Internet to do some research on alternative methods to naturally reduce blood pressure levels. I wasn’t expecting much, but…The more I read, the more I realized that exercise was the answer.

But not just any type of exercise, high-intensity exercise (HIIT).


So What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become a popular and effective way to not only burn more fat and lose weight, but also to lower blood pressure.

In fact, studies have shown that engaging in highly intense exercise on a regular and consistent basis, particularly on an empty stomach is very effective in burning more fat and lowering blood pressure.

Although some fitness experts and even published medical articles claim that working out on an empty stomach is a bad idea, studies have actually shown that because glycogen levels are lower when the body is in a “fasted” state, this means that energy is stored in the muscle tissue and liver.

Utilizing this stored energy, which ultimately boost growth hormone (GH) levels is the key behind rapid fat loss.

This is one reason why other weight loss and fitness experts claim that working out or performing high-intensity training and exercise first thing in the morning is the best time of day to exercise because it can help burn more fat.

So what exactly is considered an HIIT workout?

Here are a few common examples below:

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become a popular and effective way to not only burn more fat and lose weight, but also to lower blood pressure.

  • Full body weight training
  • Brisk walking and/ or running
  • Intense cardio workouts (for longer periods of time)

Note: HIIT can be very intensive so make sure to warm up properly before to avoid any muscle injuries.

Tips on Working Out at Home

Engaging in HIIT workouts doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym every day, although that can help a lot.

For those individuals who don’t have time to go to the gym every day – or at all – or simply prefer to work out at home, there are some options for you.

I recommend two things:

Jillian Michaels 30 - Day Shred

  • Don’t laugh - this DVD seriously works.

    I started off my HIIT training by using this DVD and I can tell you from experience that this worked immensely.

    Not only did I get a workout that truly kicked my butt and made me feel great, I lost approximately 10 pounds in only 4 weeks...Jillian is a monster!

Find an elliptical machine

  • Don’t make excuses that they take up too much room or they are too expensive.

    Many elliptical machines today come in different shapes and sizes to fit various locations, and some even fold up or collapse when not in use in order to save space.

As far as costs, depending on the type of elliptical machine you choose, you can easily spend several hundred dollars and even over $1,000.

But, think about it, you will likely spend that per year on a gym membership, and at the end of the day, you don’t own anything…

Make the investment because you and your health are worth it.

The Best Elliptical Machines

If you are interested in learning more about them, I did a round up of the 6 best elliptical machines in the market, however, here are two examples that I have used in the past, and still currently use as a part of my HIIT workout routine today.


One of the best elliptical machines is the SOLE E35.

Although this is a sizable piece of equipment, it is one of the best models.

This model comes with adjustable foot pads, a built-in heart monitor and calorie counter, a wealth of programs and customizable features, and even a built-in headphone jack and fan.

Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine

If you are looking for a cheaper option or a smaller piece of equipment, then consider checking out the Gazelle freestyle step machine.

This is a little bit different than the SOLE E35, however, it is still a similar cardio workout. It comes with many of the same features, and it is cheaper, more lightweight, and can be folded up and stored away if and when necessary.

Using an elliptical machine several times per week as a part of an HIIT workout routine for 30 to 40 minutes each time is a great cardio workout that is guaranteed to burn more fat.

Tips for Working Out at Home

Although working out at home may be a more comfortable method for some individuals or more convenient for those with busy schedules

It can still be difficult to make the time and find the motivation to get up earlier or to work out after a long, tiring day.

Additionally, some individuals think using an elliptical machine can get boring.

However, doing things like watching TV, if you have a TV nearby, or watching a show or video on a Smart device or tablet, reading a book, or listening to music can all be great things to do while you are using your elliptical machine that will help make the experience more enjoyable and pass the time more quickly.

How My Blood Pressure is Under Control Today

I have personally used Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred program, and couple others and an elliptical machine to help me get my blood pressure under control and lose weight.

After seeing almost immediate results from engaging in High Intensity Interval Training, it is now easier for me to keep up with my workouts and even watch what I eat.

I am not claiming to have cured hypertension entirely, but it is definitely way better than I started with. I am glad I didn’t have to get into a lifetime of medicines.

All in all, my blood pressure is lower, I’m 20 pounds lighter, I have more muscle, and I just feel healthier.

And, yes, my headaches are mostly non existent.

Ahmed is a father of 3 lovely kids, a professional blogger, and lives in India. A victim of junk food and sedentary lifestyle, he is now a vocal advocate of living healthy and living with a purpose.

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