how to cleanse lymph nodes

How to Cleanse Lymph Nodes | Top 15 Ways To Detox Your Lymphatic System

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The 15 Best Ways To Detox Your Lymphatic System

15 of the top ways to detox this critical system include:

  1. Drinking plenty of water helps flush toxins and waste from the body and the lymphatic system. The equivalent of half your body weight in ounces throughout the day is recommended.
  2. Exercise is essential to improve circulation and therefore the flow of lymph. Rebounding which is simply jumping up and down (preferably on a trampoline) for between 10 and 30 minutes is ideal.
  3. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system and helps release toxins from the muscles while promoting circulation and lymph flow.
  4. Eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables which contain antioxidants and enzymes that assist in breaking down toxins and expelling them from the body.
  5. Seeds and nuts contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which aids in the removal of waste that is fat soluble. These acids also have anti-inflammatory properties that promote the flow of lymph.
  6. Medicinal herbs such as Red Clover, Cleaver and Manjistha have all been used for centuries and have been proven to be effective at detoxing the lymphatic system.
  7. Spices such as Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper and Cinnamon all have numerous health benefits and promote immunity through detoxing and encouraging good circulation.
  8. Sweat out toxins in steam bath or sauna.
  9. Use a natural deodorant that contains detoxifying ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals that can block the lymphatic system.
  10. Avoid wearing a bra with an underwire which can restrict blood flow and affect the circulation through the lymphatic system.
  11. Wear loose clothing that does not restrict circulation and the flow of lymph.
  12. Use specific techniques that are designed to drain the lymphatic system.
  13. Spend some time upside down on an inversion table to promote circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.
  14. Add a few drops of lemon juice to your water to reduce toxic acidity.
  15. Dry brush your skin to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Eliminate Toxins From Your Body By Juicing

Because we breathe in polluted air and consume highly processed foods our bodies can’t help but build up excess toxins. The body tries to eliminate the toxins but ultimately becomes overloaded.

This then leads to symptoms such as premature aging, chronic headaches, and skin allergies. Here we’ll take a look at what we can do to help our toxic body.

how to cleanse lymph nodes

Detox By Juice Fasting

There are a number of studies that have successfully demonstrated the benefits of juice fasting as a safe way to detox. It can help with biochemical imbalances, it can improve our life span, help with acne, and even treat allergies as well as lower cholesterol levels. When we juice fast it gives the body a chance to rest from having to digest food.

During juice fasting the immune system is able to focus on ridding the body of toxins with the help of the liver, kidney’s, gallbladder, pancreas, the intestines, and even the skin.

When someone does a prolonged fast which is 3 days or more the body will start to burn and digest its own tissues. It starts with those that are diseased, dead, aged, or damaged.

This includes abscesses, morbid cells, tumors, and even excess fat deposits.

During this process, the stomach will become less acidic and begin to shrink. While the body begins to detox you are likely to experience things like acne breakouts, headaches, and fatigue. In time the symptoms will start to ease and you’ll begin to feel healthier.

Almost any vegetable or fruit that you can eat raw can be juiced. Good choices of vegetables for juicing include cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and celery. You can make delicious juice by combining fruit and vegetables. One example would be to blend carrot juice and apple juice. Another combination people like is tomato, celery, and apple.

If you suspect that the fruit or vegetable skins have been sprayed then you should peel them off. Anytime you can use organic fruits it is recommended. You should rinse your fruits and vegetables in distilled or filtered water.

How to Cleanse Lymph Nodes Top 15 Ways To Detox Your Lymphatic System

How Do You Juice For Juice Fasting?

You’ll usually want to dilute the juice with water 50/50. This is especially true when using fruits that are too sweet. The water used for dilution should be distilled.

It’s important that you don’t use prepared juice from the supermarket or juice that comes in a packet. This is even true when the label suggests that it’s all natural. Any juice in the supermarket that has been bottled, canned, or put in a carton has been treated with heat and preservatives.

You always want to prepare the juice fresh. Once the juice has been made it will start to lose natural enzymes. For this reason, you need to make it yourself and drink it soon after making it.

Because we breathe in polluted air and eat processed foods our body builds up with toxins. The body is designed to eliminate these but when it becomes overloaded it can’t get rid of them all. This leads to skin allergies, headaches, and premature aging as well as other symptoms.

How Can We Help Our Body?

You can start to help your body by detoxing using juice fasting. There are many benefits to doing this and they have often been demonstrated in studies done on this process.

It can often lead to a longer lifespan, it can help to reduce cholesterol levels, reduce allergies and acne outbreaks and even treat chemical imbalances.

When you participate in a juice fast you give your body a chance to have a break from having to digest food. This in turn gives the immune system an opportunity to focus on getting rid of the build-up of toxins.

Other organs that are no longer busy because of having to play their role in digestion are then able to help the immune system and these organs include the intestines, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, and the skin.

If you do a juice fast that goes 3 days or more then your body will begin to enter something called autolysis which is a process where the body begins to digest some of its own tissues.

These tissues are diseased, dead, aged or otherwise damaged. The fruits and vegetables you use as part of this juice fast can be almost anything you can typically eat raw.

When you dilute the juice with water one part per one part then this reduces the excess sugar and sweetness that might be found from the fruit. It’s important that you use distilled water so that you’re not further contaminating the body with added toxins.

The juice will usually help you have energy and give you some satisfaction while fasting.

To get the best results always make sure to use fresh juice. Juice what you can drink right then and try not to make more than you can consume.

This will give you the freshest juice which will contain the most amount of enzymes and other nutritional components which will then give the best overall result.

Try to stay on the fast for at least 3 days or longer as this will allow the body to enter a state where it starts to consume damaged cells and eliminate toxins.

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