Hyperpigmentation on Face- Types, Causes, and Treatment

Hyperpigmentation on Face: Types, Causes, and Treatment

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Hyperpigmentation is a skin coloration irregularity that plagues the majority of us and makes the skin appear lighter, darker, or blotchy in places. The main culprit behind this disorder is melanin, a substance produced by melanocyte cells in the skin.

Our face has a lot to put up with as we age and the one aging alignment that many people suffer from today is hyperpigmentation. Sun spots, freckles, dark skin spots, liver spots, age spots, the mask of pregnancy are all different types of hyperpigmentation, and the good news is that all these are treatable.

Types or Categories of Hyper Pigmentation

The first step on the path to clear and even skin tone is to understand why it is happening. It can be confusing and difficult to treat pigmentation without understanding its different types.

You must know what type it is or otherwise you will end up spending a fortune on the wrong ingredients or methods.


Melasma is a hormonally induced pigmentation and mostly seen in the pregnant women. Pregnancy mask or chloasma are its two another names.

Color: Light to medium brown.  

Shape: Inconsistent shape and size like splotchy patches.

Reason: Sun Exposure coupled with a surge in hormones caused by birth control pills.

Sun Spots/ Age Spots/ Liver Spots

Sun spots are the flat, discrete spots that usually occur on the nose, forehead, and cheeks.  Unlike freckles, they do not get fade in the winter.

Color: Light to dark brown.  

Shape: Small and flat dark spots.

Reason: Excessive sun exposure on regular basis.

Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation

PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyper Pigmentation) is the kind of discoloration or spotting that caused by the inflammation of the skin.

Color: Red, brown, or pink.

Shape: Looks like flat Spots.

Reason: Inflammatory acne on the face skin that caused by excessive skin irritation due to deep chemical peel or a healing pimple.


Freckles are clusters of spots that usually appear across the upper cheeks and nose. It is a genetic condition, but various environmental conditions can darken them with time.

Color: Dark brown, black, or red.

Shape: Looks like concentrated small spots.

Reason: Excessive sun exposure on regular basis.

Causes of Hyper Pigmentation

Do you always ask yourself where did that dark patch of skin come from? For finding the answer to this question, you first must understand the root reasons of this problem. Now let’s talk about the possible causes of this skin disorder.

So how can you really battle those stubborn spots, blotches, or freckles? One thing is sure; prevention is better than cure. The following factors can lead to skin pigmentation:

Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is the leading cause that triggers melasma when the skin gets exposed to sunlight for longer period.

Allergic Reactions

Any skin allergy starts an inflammatory reaction on the skin that causes blotches to appear on the skin.

Hormonal Changes

The hormonal changes result in boosting the melanin production that is generally caused by the pregnancy or birth control pills.  

Hyper Pigmentation Treatment Options

When we talk about treatments, there is a range of treatment options available to combat any of the above pigmentation types. Here is the basic road map for effectively treating hyperpigmentation:

Sun Protection

The first and foremost course of action for any type of pigmentation is to use sun protection. SPF is always a best bet and must be worn by your face all year round if you really want to ward off those annoying patches. You can also go for any skin pigmentation cream such as cysteamine cream.

Skin Lightening Mask

From moderate to severe hyperpigmentation, all can be cured with a skin lightening mask. It works by peeling the surface of the pigment away to lighten the skin color. This non-invasive skin lightening method brightens the skin complexion by rejuvenating the skin tone. This can really help in the melasma treatment while saving you lots of money.

Light and Laser Treatments

If the pigments do not get fade away with the masks, then you can also go for light and laser treatments. In this treatment, the laser energy is delivered to the target area in a series of short pulses.

The dark skin cells containing the pigments absorb this energy that causes them break down.

In addition to lightening, this treatment also improves the skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles.


None of these treatments can fully prevent hyperpigmentation problem from returning; only the possibility can be minimized by the skin exposure to UV rays.

It is highly recommended to speak with a trained esthetician before going for any treatment, so as to determine which path can work best for you.

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