Ironman Gravity 4000

Ironman Gravity 4000With its high weight capacity, this bestseller is designed to deliver excellence of quality packed with comfort.

The quality of the Ironman; comes from its construction material, which is of the most superior variety and made to last. It’s an extremely popular choice for those looking for an easy-to-use and effective stress and fatigue reliever.

Regular use of this table will help you alleviate all kinds of aches and pressure on your back, facilitating the relaxation of your entire body.

With this table in hand, you no longer need to force yourself to bear painful back and muscle stress.

It’s ergonomically designed to provide maximum relief to your lower back, while keeping your feet and ankles hanging painlessly from its padded ankle rest as your body goes 180 degrees to help you combat the stressful effects of gravity.

And what’s more, it does all this without any harmful side-effects.

Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Best Seller


  • Designed to reduce the pressure on your vertebrae discs and ligaments to alleviate the stress on your back, thereby helping your body get rid of fatigue
  • It stimulates blood circulation to relax the muscles in your body and also boosts body flexibility, which is of particular benefit to athletes
  • Whatever the cause of your lower back pain, arising out of standing or sitting, this table is an excellent solution
  • Designed to minimize the effects of aging caused by gravity
  • An innovative feature is that it helps reduce disc herniation’s by distracting the spine, thus causing muscles and other tight structures to stretch
  • Its durability and sturdiness is excellent; it’s made of an ideal combination of an extra wide tubular steel frame, with powder-coated finish that makes it scratch-resistant, and memory-foam back-stitched nylon backrest, along with PVC to give it flexibility

Pros & Cons

  • High level of stability despite the 180-degree inversion facility; the stability is provided by solid rubber non-skid stabilizers which prevent the table from moving during the inversion process
  • Ankle cushions designed for ergonomic comfort for your feet and ankles, ensuring total safety and comfort
  • Has a removable lumbar pillow that provides extra support to the lower back
  • Easy to store with simple folding action; transportation is also a breeze
  • Weight capacity extends to 350 pounds with height provision of 6’6”, making it suitable even for those on the heavier or taller side
  • Safety handles are extra-long, ensuring ease of movement as you bring your body back to its original upright position
  • Additional safety provision in the form of vinyl safety covers
  • Has 3 adjustments for various starting inversion angles
  • Foot clamp has extra-long handle, making bending a breeze
  • Doesn’t help in strengthening your multifidus muscles, which generally tend to weaken in those suffering from backache
  • Doesn’t have long-lasting effect and also doesn’t help in total recovery from pain
  • Folding is somewhat messy as the table doesn’t fold up completely
  • Movement on carpet isn’t smooth, restricting the use of this table to the floor
  • Packaging quality is cheap, causing the Styrofoam padding to fall off the moment you open the pack
  • Main pivots used to assemble the table are made of metal without any ball bearings to hold them together
  • Main shaft has plastic bushings around it, making it somewhat flimsy
  • Quite heavy, making it quite difficult to take around, with tendency to slip on the floor
  • Needs manual adjustment while raising or lowering your arms beyond a certain point


So whether you’re suffering from muscle stiffness or backache or even sciatica, the Ironman Gravity 4000 is a highly comfortable choice, epitomizing solid safety and security.

It’s exceptionally easy to operate and works effectively to ease virtually any kind of back problem you may be suffering from. It does take somewhat more space than many other invertors; but the relaxing comfort it provides more than makes up for it.


Neither of these tables comes with the kind of sturdiness and stability that the Ironman Gravity provides. However for the sake of fairness and professionalism with our reviews, we feel it necessary to show you some alternatives to check out for yourself.


The Ancheer Back Therapy Table is also a sturdy machine with padded backrest and suitable for adjustment. However, for the price it comes for, it does have a major flaw.

It doesn’t allow 180-degree inversion, as the maximum rotation degree built into it is 150 degrees only and we would consider this to be a pretty major flaw.


The Invertio Premium Folding bench also comes equipped with a padded backrest and which does have the advantage of full inversion but doesn’t boast of any exclusive features for the price it comes for.

Whilst a great item; we just don’t think that it stacks up to the Ironman. We also have a full review of this table that you can check out for yourself here.


You’d do well to grab the Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table now as it is overall a good piece for its price, notwithstanding the few flaws it has.

There are few inversion tables that are designed to give such effective anti-gravity impact as this one.

The Ironman isn’t just made to counter the back problems arising from gravity but also relieves your body from fatigue and curtails the aging effects.

You’ll love the relaxing feel of this solid and sturdy table, which is designed to really fix some of the underlying imbalances in your body.

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