Isokinetics Exercise Ball Chair Review

The Isokinetics Exercise Ball Chair – This Years Review

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The Fitness Yoga Ball Chair from Isokinetics Inc. is one of the more popular pieces of furniture these days that promotes both posture and fitness.

The seat is currently available in a wide range of colors, and getting plenty of positive reviews and attention from online purchasers. So how good is this chair exactly? If you are thinking about purchasing a ball chair (, this comprehensive review can help you make an informed decision.

About the Product

The yoga ball’s height can be adjusted from 22.5 up to 25.5 inches. The yoga ball chair’s wheels are very stable, and have a diameter of 2.5 inches, compared to 2 inches that most competitors offer. The globe is inflatable to 55 cm in diameter and has a 300-pound limit. The package weighs just 15 pounds on delivery.

Product Features

  • This ball chair is comfortable and sleek. It has been specially designed for promoting correct posture even while sitting in the office all day long.
  • The wheel height can be adjusted into 4 different positions by users.
  • There are also 4 different arrangements that the back support can be adjusted into.
  • The globe is made out of very durable PVC material that resists puncturing very effectively.
  • The rolling base features 5 wheels.
  • Multiple color options include red, blue, yellow, black and more.
  • Isokinetics Inc. provides its potential customers with access to YouTube videos which provide information on how to best use this product.

Pros And Cons

The yoga exercise ball chair features an unobtrusive and simple design, which makes it ideal for an office setting. Whether you are working at a hotel front desk or law office, it doesn’t matter – this piece of furniture looks good anywhere you put it.

The adjustable back support and wheels allow individuals of various heights to use the yoga ball and exercise chair comfortably. According to reviews, even individuals who are just 5 feet tall don’t have any issues with this product.

Even when it is punctured, this globe loses its air slowly, which allows you to easily notice when it is beginning to deflate.

The various inflation options that are available for the ball allows users to select a cushioning pressure and height that fits their personal preferences and needs.

A bonus pump also comes with this yoga ball chair product.

If used on a consistent basis, this chair will help to relieve back pain, correct posture and straighten the spine so that it can regain height that has been lost to hunched shoulders.

Isokinetics Inc. offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

This product’s only drawback is that the globe does need a lot of air in order to inflate it. It does come with a free pump, however, it may take a couple of minutes for you to get the globe prepared. However, it really should not be much of a problem if you happen to have an electronic pump.

Who Should Use This Ball Chair?

The feedback on this product has been very positive. A majority of buyers state that its build is very comfortable. The best use for this ergonomic chair is for office workers who have a tendency to spend the majority of their day sitting at their desks.

It is also ideal for individuals who suffer from chronic back pain that comes from having bad posture. Individuals who have had a physical injury may wish to consult with their doctor first prior to using this yoga exercise ball chair.


To conclude, this particular ball chair from Isokinetics Inc. is a great choice for anybody wanting to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Using this product is easy enough and this ball chair also manages to promote the correct sitting position unconsciously without the user becoming completely overwhelmed.

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