Nootropic Flow States (Infographic)

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As humans, our ability to achieve a state of optimal creative flow is vital to our success in several areas such as work, academia, and relationships.

When we enter this mindset, we become more open to the things around us. We can see the world through a different perspective, improve our communication skills and work more efficiently.

Achieving optimal creative flow allows us to be fully immersed in the task at hand; we are able to set aside most of our self-awareness and critical self-judgement.

But first, we must enter a state of altered consciousness to achieve the optimal creative flow.

The four altered states of consciousness, identified by the Greeks as “ecstasis,” can be achieved through a few simple steps.

Through advancements in neurobiology, psychology, technology and pharmacology we have developed, or discovered, ways to coerce our brain into achieving this state of optimal creative flow and utilize this gift found within us.

We might not all practice this in our day-to-day lives, however, that can be changed.

The information provided in the following infographic discusses the four fields that have contributed to the development of optimal creative flow, and the three simple steps for achieving these states of optimal creative flow.

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