Sleeping Habits of Famous People!

Sleeping Habits of Famous People!

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Sleep plays one of the major roles in leading a healthy lifestyle. Getting an adequate sleep brings many benefits to the human body, such as being healthy both mentally and physically, while also affecting mood and the quality of life.

It is important to sleep in a comfortable mattress because the body needs to get its rest and get the required “charging” for the upcoming tasks. If your mattress is causing you discomfort and pain, it’s recommended to look through some of the online and get yourself a new one, as it will truly do wonders for the quality of your slumber.

Scientific studies have researched sleeping and it has been concluded that there is a difference on how much sleep is adequate depending on the age of the person. An adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night, younger children 9 to 11, and teenagers between 8 and 10.

However, there are many examples of famous people with weird sleeping habits, which show that sleeping in a particular pattern doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

  • Albert Einstein – 10+ hours night sleep and day naps.
  • Isaac Newton – 3-4 hours a night.
  • Nikola Tesla – 2 hours a day.
  • Tom Ford – 4 hours or less a night.
  • Mariah Carey – 15 hours a day.
  • Elon Musk – 6 hours a night.

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  • Emmanuel says:

    Great post. You are correct about the benefits of having an adequate sleep. I will add that good sleep refreshes and energizes all body systems like brain, heart, kidneys, liver, etc for their routine vital functions. Adequate sleep has a cooling effect on the brain and makes it work better. Deprivation of sleep irrespective of social status increases body stressors resulting in fatigue, lack of mental alertness, and reduction in coping mechanism. In conclusion, when we work long hours, we also need hours of good sleep to refresh and perform better, but above all, we need good hours of sleep to remain healthy. Thanks

    • Harry says:

      Hi Emmanuel, I have never heard about cooling the brain down, but I don’t know for sure so I will take your word for it. However it is certainly true that getting a decent nights sleep is incredibly important for all sorts of functions of our bodies.

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