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​Hey there, I'm Harry Bloom, founder of Health Form.

Getting fit and healthy, really isn't as hard or scary as you might think.

​The number rule here at Health Form is to never get overwhelmed with all of the things you read online, (I have been there, trust me).

Here, at Health Form, our goal is to break down the complex, into actionable chunks if information that actually works and that you will see results from!

This starters guide is the perfect place to begin and see what kinds of goals you want to achieve.​

This is me!

Some Useful Info To Get Started

A with everything related to; I want to dispel some of the more common falsehoods that keep rearing their heads around the web. Whilst they are not the worst advice that I have seen, they are not conducive the overall conversation about health that we should be having. 


Do you really know the benefits of detoxing?

Our complete and very well researched guide to the Total Wellness Cleanse detox program; will not only let you know what you can achieve, but also how to get there.​

A full body cleanse has numerous benefits and some that you would think are not necessarily connected​.

Find out more by clicking the button below :)​

Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight & Eating Healthy

Looking great is a consequence of being healthy.

But you already knew that. So this ultimate guide is aimed at helping you to get healthy and to stay that way.

Follow our advice and you will soon be reaping the consequences of looking after your health.

Including a free meal plan and detailed information about the food groups.

Written by Stefan Ginoranis with over 8 years advising clients about nutrition as a personal trainer

Youthful Looking Skin - it isn't as Difficult as You Think!

Keeping your skin looking young, healthy & supple can seem like an expensive and time consuming task.

However true to our way, Health Form will show you easy, all natural methods to achieve this goal.

Whilst we explain some of the best ways to have wonderful skin in a delicate way, we also want to put across all sides of the argument and so we have also included the other...less natural, methods for you information 🙂

Written by Helen Struther with 4 years experience in the makeup industry


I am sure that many of you live in environments that are either cold, or hot or dry, or...well all manner of locations and temperatures!

Did you know that ​there are some humidifiers that are so advnced; they can create molecular sized water droplets using ultra sonic means.


Don't be! Just check out our in depth article about why you should be using a humidifier for your health​.

Filtered water

OK, so how about water...the very essence that keeps us alive and kicking?

Did you know that there are over 2,100 known drinking water contaminants that could be lurking in your tap water!?

Scary I know and if the Flint, MI story is anything to go by; I understand if you are worried for your health and the well being of your family.

So what can we do?

Well 1 option is to start buying bottled water on mass. However apart from the horrible environmental effects that this has; it is also wildly expensive.

Head on over to our thorough and in depth article about the health benefits of water filters, and see if you can find the right filtration system for your home.

Oral hygiene

So I hope that you don't think that Health Form is about anything as cheesy as trying to get you the perfect smile; because that is not what we are about at all!

However we are great believers that looking great is a consequence of being healthy.

To that end, keeping your mouth clean and healthy will inevitably mean that you will also be looking great and attaining the rightful confidence that comes with it 🙂

But do you know just how important keeping your mouth clean actually is?

Read our full low down about why you must make sure to keep your mouth in tip top shape and how it can impact your overall well being.

Inversion tables

Inversion tables used to be reserved for those in the know about health and fitness and were a bit of scary prospect for everyone else.

However because Health Form's mission is to bring no nonsense reviews and advice about how to feel the best you have ever felt; we have blown open the doors of this once terrifying looking piece of exercise equipment!

Find out what they are, why they are so amazing and the types of painful issues they can help to fix.






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