health benefits of almond oil

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Almond Oil

Your skin, your heart or even your colon needs it.

Almond oil, with its extensive health benefits, has become one of the most powerful oils that help save your life excellently in a great number of ways.

Almond oil comes from the extraction of almonds and there are two main types of almonds that are commonly used to make almond oil, which includes bitter and sweet almonds.

Bitter Almonds

As the name suggests, these almonds taste bitter.

They are not usually used in recipes and eaten.

Bitter almonds are used to create bitter almond oil.

They pack with a small dosage of hydrogen cyanide that is highly poisonous.

Consuming some of these almonds can result in vertigo and lead to death.

Sweet Almonds

Undoubtedly, people get used to eating sweet almonds.

These almonds are mainly used for producing sweet almond oil.

This kind of oil possesses a sweet taste, thereby, making it become among the tastiest almond oils.

Also, sweet almond oil is more preferable to achieve cosmetic and homeopathic purposes.

In fact, almonds are known as a drupe rather than nut.

They are native to the Middle East as well as the Mediterranean. Currently, the United State of America is considered as the biggest producer of almonds.

Different kinds of almonds bring about differences in taste and this also reflects in the oil as well.

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Nutrition Facts of Almond Oil

Almonds are proven to contain unsaturated fats (healthy fats), followed by fiber as well as essential minerals to make the cholesterol level lower and weaken the increased risk of contracting diabetes and cardiovascular health disease.

They assist in shedding some pounds for your body, regulating the glucose level and are loaded with anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory agents.

100 grams of almond oils can include:

  • 200% of the DRA (the daily recommended amount)
  • 62 Vitamin E international units

In addition to a low level of vitamin K, another minerals and vitamins are only found in small amounts of almond oil.

Basically, it is the unsaturated fats with their dense amount mostly contributes to such incredible health benefits of the oil.

Surprising Health Benefit of Almond Oil

So let's get down to the part you're after; the positives health effects of this nut, (sorry...drupe)!

1. Regulate Cholesterol

As you might not know about, one of the most impressive health advantages of almond oil is regulating cholesterol.

Daily intake of almond oil can help increase the “good” cholesterol (HDL) and lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL); hence, lessening the general cholesterol level in a natural way.

Apart from that, the rich source of unsaturated fats content with vitamin E present in almond oil let the oxygen and other nutrients freely flow through the blood, which then improves significantly your heart health.

2. Preventing From Diabetes

Diabetes happens as the blood sugar in your body elevates owing to your cells or pancreas that is impossible for properly producing insulin.

Meanwhile, both almonds and their oil are shown to be effective in preventing against diabetes.

Eating almonds for breakfast can help reduce the levels of the blood sugar and allow you to feel full, staying away from the second-meal dip that might be experienced by lots of diabetic suffers.

In several studies, almond oil performed well like whole almonds. It stimulates the production of insulin after the first meal.

3. Reducing the Increased Risk of Heart Disease

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Research in Medical Sciences revealed that making almond oil as a part of your regular diet was associated with the decreased risk of getting cardiovascular health disease.

Some heart problems such as high cholesterol are mostly triggered by chronic inflammation. Foods contained anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative agents help lower the risk of contracting many health issues.

Health experts highly recommend that you should add some almond oil to your diet in case you have coronary heart diseases.

Consuming food rich in sulfur like kale or eggs and omega-3-fatty acids enables to relieve the inflammation in the body and keep your heart staying strong and healthy.

4. Boosting The Immunity

Almond oil can serve well as an immunity booster when it is consumed frequently.

The regular intake of almond oil or its application makes your body become stronger to combat with some common infection.

Also, the oil that is high in anti-oxidants helps reduce greatly the damaged cells. Almond oil should be consumed in the form of dressing.

5. Supporting the Digestion

Another health benefit of almond oil is to support the digestion thanks to its act as a laxatives.

The oil is able to loosen well the stool, thereby assuring the good cleansing system.

6. Improving the Memory

Improving the memory is one of the most incredible health benefits of almond oil by strengthening the nervous system.

Thanks to its package of potassium, the oil benefits your brain by encouraging the nervous system and increasing memory.

7. Benefiting Your Skin

Almond oil is widely applied to treat and deal with some of the following skin problems since it is commonly used as a skin care ingredient.

  • Help moisturize the skin: Almond oil works as a good emollient. It can lock the moisture in the skin. You should try to use it immediately after taking a shower to maximize its benefits. Most people know that almond oil is powerful to remove blackheads as well.
  • Cure dull and dry skin: If your skin is suffering from dryness, then applying almond oil is an effective solution. Almond oil, especially the sweet one can do this job much better. It helps heal the dry condition. Just after several weeks of application, you can notice lesser cracks on the skin.
  • Make your skin glowing and smooth: Your dream of getting smooth and glowing skin is no longer hard to achieve. Your skin will turn more elastic.

8. Reducing Wrinkle and Sagging Skin

Almond oil can be massaged directly on your face to help deal with wrinkle, hence, reducing sagging skin.

The oil can help cure dark eye circles as well. All you need to do is to rub several drops under the eyes and massage them nicely then leave it on overnight.

Almond oil also stimulates the blood circulation near your eyes and reduces eye strain.

9. Good For Your Hair

Not only is almond oil good for the skin but it is also excellent for your hair as well.

It helps treat some common problems such as dandruff, dry scalp or split ends. Besides, rubbing some almond oil over hair shafts can increase the shine of the hair.

You should not use a large amount of the oil because it can make your hair drenched.

Side Effects of Almond Oil

Beware the almond oil side effects...

Using a lot of almonds or almond oil can lead to unsatisfactory outcomes to your health, so be careful with the side effects below:

  • The large consumption of almond oil triggers weight gain. Health experts suggest that you should apply 1 ounce of almond oil for per serving.
  • Almond oil is widely used to cook foods in order to produce more vitamin E. Researchers have stated that each cup serving of almond oil is loaded with 4.5 ounces of vitamin E. Excessive dosage of the oil leads to a wide variety of health problems such as headache, diarrhea and blurred vision.
  • While proper intake of almond oil lessens effectively the chance of getting constipation, using more than the required dosage makes you hard to deal with another health problems like constipation as well as bloating. In case you might get constipation after consuming the oil, you had better drink water and then take in foods rich in fiber to manage the bowels movement.


So there you have it; 9 surprising benefits of almond oil and some side effects that you should be conscious of before going for a only almonds diet!

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