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The 10 Effective Methods On How To Sleep When Not Tired: Achieve Quality Sleep Now!

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Have you ever had those sleepless nights where you toss and turn, feeling like you aren’t tired enough?

Millions of people all over the world feel the same way!

There are many reasons why you aren’t feeling tired enough to sleep but the main question is: How can you drift off to dreamland despite not feeling sleepy?

Fortunately, there are ways on how you can rest well despite feeling awake. To help you out, I show you the top ten ways on how to sleep when not tired.

Why Am I Not Feeling Sleepy?

Before we tackle the ways on how to sleep when not tired, let’s first find out why you may not be feeling sleepy in the first place! Here are some of the few top reasons why:

# 1 Sleeping Disorders

One of the main causes people end up tossing and turning at night is because of underlying sleeping disorders, namely insomnia!

This causes the inability to fall asleep. It is usually caused by anxiety or stress, which we’ll talk about in the next section.

# 2 Poor Sleeping Schedule

Why aren’t you tired?

Because you most likely have TOO much sleep during the day! Those who fall asleep late and wake up late are more likely not able to fall asleep during the hours they need to.

People who also take a lot of naps throughout the day end up not being able to sleep because they had too much of it during school or office breaks.

# 3 Too Much On Your Mind

Do you have a lot of stressors at work or school?

Or do you have depression and anxiety disorders? People who have too much on their mind won’t be able to fall asleep with their minds running wild, especially when it comes to negative thoughts and the like.

How To Sleep When Not Tired

Now that you know why you aren’t feeling tired before bedtime, try these ten ways on how you can still sleep quickly:

# 1 Establishing Healthier Sleeping Schedules and Keeping a Record

Like mentioned, not having a proper sleep schedule and getting TOO much sleep is a bad thing, too.

That’s why it’s best to create a fixed schedule and get eight to ten hours of sleep a day, depending on how much your body needs to be well-rested.

I recommend that you monitor how long you sleep for and how you feel. That way, you can keep track of what works best for you.

# 2 Exercising Earlier In The Day

One might think that exercise right before sleeping helps you become tired but that’s actually not the case!

It’s better to exercise first thing in the morning for your body to warm up and have more energy that begins to dwindle down before bedtime.

If that isn’t possible, exercise at least three hours before bedtime.

# 3 Choosing The Correct Mattress

Another reason why you may not be sleeping well is that your mattress is in need of a replacement!

If ever your mattress is lumpy or too stiff, it’s time to get something that’s more supportive AND comfortable.

I suggest memory foam mattresses, which help keep your body free from pain while having you sleep well.

# 4 Avoid Any Caffeine Or Vices

Some use alcohol to sleep quickly but it actually disrupts sleep cycles.

Smokers are also at risk of insomnia the more they continue the bad habit. It’s time to quit and limit your vices to have better quality sleep!

And of course, since caffeine is a stimulant, avoid coffee or other energy drinks with too much sugar that keeps you up at night.

# 5 Having A Relaxing Routine Before Bedtime

This is another very effective method to fall asleep despite not being tired. Establishing a relaxing routine can help tell your mind that it’s time for bed.

Have a hot bath, do deep breathing exercises or prepare your room for sleep. Yoga and meditation can help you relax as well!

# 6 STOP The Gadgets And Books!

Having your television or phone on can actually discourage sleep, thanks to blue light!

Plus, work or entertainment from your gadgets can stimulate the brain, keeping you up at night. The same goes for books, especially those that fall under suspense and horror genres.

As much as possible, your bed is only for sleep and not for work or play.

# 7 Adjust The Lighting

Blue light does not help you rest because it inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone that stimulates sleep. What helps you sleep quickly?

Darkness! Shut the lights off and avoid looking into your phone or any gadget. If you are unable to sleep in complete darkness, have a nightlight or dim the lights, selecting the warm or soft setting.

For those who sleep during the day (because of night shifts), use blinds or sleeping masks to prevent any natural light from coming in and keeping you awake.

# 8 Taking Non-Addictive Sleeping Supplements

You don’t have to take medicine to encourage sleep. Taking the right supplements will be able to help you without it becoming addictive.

I recommend melatonin supplements, which have no side effects and have you sleep well.

# 9 Eat The Right Food To Encourage Sleep

Yes, the type of food you eat is also what makes or breaks your sleep! Avoid eating right before you sleep, especially large meals.

Doing so can aggravate your stomach and cause heartburn when you lie down, causing discomfort and difficulty of sleeping.

Your last meal before bedtime should centre around healthier meals that produce tryptophan. These foods include turkey, leafy greens, berries, or nuts.

Avoid anything high in sugar or processed junk, which can keep you up.

If you still feel like you can’t sleep, you can have a small snack before bed to encourage rest, such as a glass of milk or yoghurt.

# 10 Have Effective Sounds

And lastly, you’ll want to make sure that you have quality sleep by letting your senses know that you’re about to rest! Besides closing your eyes, relaxing music can also help you out.

Opt for classical, soft music. Some people also prefer white noise or ASMR, relaxing sounds that help them sleep.

One more thing to follow is to clean your bedroom, making it a sleep haven. Organize everything, maybe have an oil diffuser, and keep the room comfortable! This will help lessen the stress.

Wrapping It Up

Achieving quality sleep doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend hundreds of dollars on medicine or doctors!

With these simple tips on how to sleep when not tired, you won’t have to worry about tossing and turning until the morning comes.

All it takes is good sleep hygiene and adopting healthier lifestyle habits. Your body will thank you for more energy after!

I hope that this article on how to sleep when not tired helped you become more knowledgeable about what you should do for better rest.

So don’t wait any longer and try any of these tips today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your own advice and experiences on how to sleep when not tired, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


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