The Main Role Of Protein In Your Body

The Main Role Of Protein In Your Body

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Apart from helping your body in building strong muscles, proteins perform much more functions in your body.

They are found in each tissue and cell, every one with a highly specialized function essential for normal function and development of your body.

You get many of the protein your body uses via your diet, and your body has the ability to build proteins.

Apart from water, protein is one of the most significant and abundant substance in your body. The protein is build by your body using the protein rich diet which you consume on a regular basis.

It is useful in many important processes and thus requires to be replaced consistently.

By eating regularly, foods containing the protein, you can accomplish this task.

Structure of Protein

Proteins can made from a single chain of hundred amino acids with a complex structure containing various chains with a three-dimensional shape and hundreds of folds.

These bigger proteins, are known as structural proteins, and gives shape and structure to organs, connective tissues and cells.

Contraction of the Muscle

Myosin and Actin are two special kinds of filament protein present in the muscles of your body.

When stimulated from a signal given from the central nervous system, these two proteins work simultaneously to shortens the length. Because of this your muscles will contract.


Antibodies is a kind of protein which assist your body in fighting against the various types of infections, diseases and illness. It enhances the immunity of your body.

For every antigen which attacks your body, you have a distinct and separate antibody to fight against it.

The antibodies sequester and immobilize the antigens till then the white blood cells can perish them.

The antibodies assist and identifying the viruses and bacteria. They work simultaneously with the various cells of your immune system.


To function properly, thousands of biochemical reactions are performed by your body.

These reactions need energy and many of them have important thresholds of high energy which can delay the necessary reactions.

Proteins names as enzymes help in reducing the energy of activation of many reactions. These assists them to work in a high speed as compared to work them in a normal environment.

Lactase is a well-known enzyme which ease the or milk sugar or lactose metabolism in your intestine to help digestion.


Hormones are those proteins which coordinate activities and send signals via the body.

For example, insulin ease the metabolism of glucose and highly effective in controlling the levels of blood glucose. It also controls the hormones of thyroid which controls the metabolism, temperature of the body, protein synthesis procedure and gonadotropins which enhances the ova and sperm production.

Protein also plays a big role in building certain hormones.

Hormones help in controlling the various functions of body which involve the working of many organs. Insulin is a protein and that hormone aids in regulation of blood sugar.

It involves the working of liver and the pancreas.

Secretin is a protein hormone which helps in the process of digestion by stimulating the intestine and the pancreas to make essential digestive juices.


Proteins helps in transferring certain compounds and proteins in your body. Hemoglobin is a kind of transport protein and found in red blood cells.

From the lungs, it carries oxygen to all the cells and tissues and transport carbon dioxide to the lungs for excrete by the body.

Carbon dioxide is a waste metabolic product.

To store some specific molecules, protein is used sometimes. For example, Ferritin is a protein which merge with iron to store in the liver.


Protein is a main source of energy in your body.

if you consume extra protein, which is required for maintaining the body tissue and various essential functions, your body will deploy it for getting the energy.

If it is not required because of proper consumption of various sources of energy like carbohydrates, the protein will be deployed to build the fat and become an area of the fat cells.

You body can deploy protein for its energy requirements when carbohydrates are consumed. When required, proteins degrade in the amino acids, which are oxidized in the similar procedure as glucose to build the energy.

However, longer uses of protein for the purpose of energy can create few problems.

Repair and Maintenance

In order to ease the development of their child, pregnant woman require to increase the intake of protein. Protein is also known as building block of the human body.

Protein is important in the body tissue maintenance, including repair and development. Organs, muscles, eyes, skin and hair are built from protein.

This is one of the main reason why children require more protein than adults.


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