Tips & Tricks For Fighting Back Pain During Pregnancy

Unfortunately, back pain during pregnancy is one of the most common complaints that pregnant women have. Although you may not be able to get rid of it completely, there are many things that you can do to improve your comfort.

The Cause Of Back Pain In Pregnant Women

It is not surprising that back pain occurs when you consider all the changes that a pregnant woman’s body goes through during the nine months.

Your ligaments, muscles, and sacroiliac joints become laxer in preparation for the baby to pass through the birth canal. Your belly continues to grow, causing your center of mass to change and your spine must compensate for this.

The other most common reason for back pain during pregnancy is hormonal changes in pregnancy that cause the joints and ligaments that attach to the pelvic bone to the spine to loosen.

The hormone relaxing is the major hormone responsible for the change, it also softens the pelvic bone to prepare the passage for the baby’s delivery.

Back pain during pregnancy can be easily brought on by doing such activities as standing or sitting for long periods, rolling out of bed, getting up from a low chair or tub, bending or lifting things.

Below is a general list of some things that can be done to reduce the back pain.

Furthermore, muscle imbalances during your pregnancy can result to herniated disc in your spine, and this will cause continuous back pain. The physical dysfunction that needs to be addressed is experienced.

Do not expect not to experience back pain if you are pregnant, again, though not completely understood; there is a relation between back pain and pregnancy.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing to fret about because there are things you can do to relieve the pain caused by back pain and pregnancy.

Tips And Tricks For Fighting Back Pain Pregnancy

So what can you do for reducing back pain during pregnancy so that you can have an enjoyable pregnancy?

After all, nine months is not a large time frame over the course of a lifetime, but it can feel like that if you’re constantly in pain during this time.

1.) Watch your posture

As previously mentioned, your center of gravity changes. In fact, it moves forwards.

Therefore, to keep you from falling forwards, you have to pull your back backward. This can result in pain to your lower back. Be sure to stand up straight, and make sure you move your shoulders backward.

High heels should be avoided during pregnancy as well as they are never good for lower back comfort, especially when pregnant. As well, the laxity of your ligaments and muscles increases the risk of injury, so high heels are not a good idea.

2.) Avoid Standing or Sitting for Long Periods

A variety of postures is the key.

Do too much of one thing for too long, and your back pain is likely to increase. When doing dishes, put one foot up on a footstool or the inside of the cupboard below the sink.

3.) Lift Carefully

Many people make the mistake of lifting with their backs and not with their legs.

To lift children and items properly with your legs, you need to squat, relying on the large muscles of your legs. In other words, do not bend at the waist. Hold items, as well as children, close to your body as this puts less stress on your lower back.

When a job needs long hours of standing, it is recommended to use a low step stool and has one-foot rest on it alternately. Asking for frequent breaks when working during gestation is also good. Standing too long is not good for pregnant women.

4.) Get a Massage

Avail a massage from a licensed massage therapist.

Massage therapy can do wonders for back pain, as the therapist can work on the muscles that are causing you pain, as well as provide you with a home stretching exercise program to control the pain until your next visit.

If you cannot manage to go to a massage therapist, simply getting a back rub can make a huge difference.

5.) Apply Heat to Your Back

Use a heating pad or hot water bottle, if approved by your physician. A nice warm shower or bath can also be helpful, but very hot baths are not recommended during pregnancy.

6.) Do Back Exercises

A healthcare professional may be able to provide you with very specific back exercise, but here is a description of one that may help you. Kneel with your hands and knees on the floor, and then pull your stomach inwards and arch your back.

7.) Support Your Belly When Sleeping

When pregnant, it is not recommended that you sleep on your back. Instead, you need to sleep on your side, but you need to ensure that you have proper support for your belly. Doing so also ensures that you have proper alignment of your spine. There are different types of body pillows specifically designed for pregnant women. This can be a very easy, but effective, way of reducing back pain during pregnancy.

In bed make sure that you are always on your side. There are special pregnancy support pillows that you can buy and use if you need to. Also be sure to keep your knees bent as much as possible. Mattresses do matter too. Choose the right product because the wrong mattress can cause you a lot of discomforts and you don’t need that.

8.) Exercising In Water

Exercising in water has a few advantages; one the water helps support the weight, while at the same time creating resistance, usually, it’s a safe environment to exercise in, as there is little likelihood of doing jerky movements. Swimming is an excellent way to strengthen the back muscles.

9.) Wear low-heeled or flat shoes

Also, to increase the risk to falls when wearing high-heeled footwear, an added pressure on the lower back is produced when these are worn during pregnancy.

Most women who are used to wearing high-heels usually complain about this recommendation. However, health, being the priority, should not be compromised just over some fashion reasons.

In Summary

Back pain is a common symptom experienced by pregnant women. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the pain and get on with enjoying your pregnancy.

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