Total Wellness Cleanse review

Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim: A Detox Program Review

Total Wellness Cleanse Review

total wellness cleanse review

Use: To become healthier by discovering simple methods to clean your bodily system



Ease of Use

Overall, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the Total Wellness System.

Easy to do and with a focus on long-term solutions, it’s among one of the best cleanse systems I’ve tried.

I felt better (clean even), ate better, and in all, the Total Wellness System comes highly recommended, especially for people who are serious about cleansing and living a more wholesome, clean lifestyle.

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If you're concerned about cleansing your body of toxins or is trying to lose weight, you know as well as anyone that there are thousands of products claiming to help you with just that, but many turn out to be a scam just after your money without really offering much value.

The Total Wellness Cleanse happens to be a Total Organic Body Cleanse that is both great value and highly effective!

However not all cleansing and weight loss systems are created equally, so what we’re doing today is taking a closer look at it with our Total Wellness Cleanse review.

  • What’s the deal with it?
  • Does it actually work?
  • What kind of results can you expect to see after a month on the system?

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

The Basics: Total Wellness Cleanse Reviews

According to the minds behind the Total Wellness Cleanse, people are suffering and gaining weight due to exposure to environmental toxins. Total Wellness Cleanse was developed by Yuri Elkaim, a holistic nutritionist and health coach.

He’s been in the business for well over a decade and according to him, the Total Wellness Cleanse was born out of his own struggles with adolescent health issues and his subsequent lifestyle changes in order to take control of his health and his experiences working with people in the same boat.

In this sense, the Total Wellness Cleanse is more so designed as a long-term system, NOT a temporary weight-loss cheat code.

The system comes complete with (as a PDF):

  • Food guide - This helps you navigate what foods you’re supposed to eat and avoid on the system
  • Recipe book - This will ensure you know exactly what to cook
  • Meal planner - So you don't get confused and give up
  • Shopping list guide - Where to shop and how to do it the right way
  • Maintenance phase meal plan - very handy to keep you on course 
  • Shopping list - Detailing exactly what you need to buy

There’s also audio seminars included, a Facebook group for members, and daily coaching emails, with the intention of providing support to followers of the plan as you embark on a 30-day system.

  • Audio seminars
  • Private Facebook group - This is a fantastic way to keep on track with everything and speak with others in the same boat

You’re not actually buying food or supplements on the system!

What you get with the system is basically a guide on how to eat well, cleanse your body of toxins, and ideas for long-term changes you can incorporate on a daily basis, which already sets this apart from most cleansing systems on the market today.

The system itself is meant to last about 30 days, with two 15-day phases which I’ll talk more about in a minute, with a maintenance system to follow over the long-term.

Important Note: Consult a doctor before adopting this and our Total Wellness Cleanse review is only meant to give you an overview of the program.

It’s recommended for most healthy individuals, with a word of caution advised to pregnant women, people who are traveling, elderly, or so on.

How do I Know if I Need To Detox?

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Getting Started With This Detox Program

Total_Wellness_CleanseRight out of the box, it’s easy to see that the Total Wellness Cleanse program is, if anything else, pretty comprehensive and not a diet fad like the shock diet.

Each book included in the package runs about 50 pages. The Food Guide, for instance goes over both how the plan works and the scientific data to support each claim of the plan.

Everything’s well formatted and respectable, which is a lot to say about most cleanse systems on the market. At the very least, you at least feel good popping everything on your book shelf.

Honestly, this is great info product if you suffer from certain gastrointestinal problems and are looking for relief.


Cleanse Phase

The 1st part of the program is the Cleanse phase and it’s designed to help purge toxins from your body with a gentle approach. This takes up the first half of the system and runs for 15 days.

The method is simple.

By eating a variety of special, cleansing foods outlined in the Food Guide, you’re supposed to help support detoxification. Unlike other cleansing systems, the emphasis is more on gently cleansing your body naturally as opposed to forcing you to choke down laxatives or cleansing pills, which definitely won us over.

This isn’t the system for someone who wants an overnight solution but then again, you can’t legitimately cleanse your body of toxins overnight. It’s something you honestly have to give your body time to do on its own and can do with the support of the system.

See how Apple Cider Vinegar could compliment this program


Maintenance Phase

The 2nd is the Maintenance phase and here, you’re basically transitioning from the cleanse system to your regular life. Here, you’ll be able to return to eating of the meals you enjoyed before the cleanse, all without suffering ill effects.

The idea behind this, which we really like, is that it gradually eases you into the real world, for lack of a better word.

Using the System

After embarking on both the Cleanse phase and, then the Maintenance phase, I have to say that I give the Total Wellness Cleanse program a lot of credit.

Though starting on the Cleanse phase takes a little adjustment due to having to focus on eating clean foods like produce, users found it remarkably easy to maintain.

A lot of that had to do with the fact that the system came with recipe guides, shopping list guides, and more, so I never felt like I had to guess about what I was supposed to eat next.

ZERO pre-packaged meals and ZERO supplements so you don’t feel like you’re being forced to under eat or radically change your dietary habits, which is a huge plus.

After 15 days of this, I personally felt really motivated and energized. I lost five pounds, although keep in mind that not everyone will lose the same amount of weight on the system.

Still, you can expect to at least feel a little better and healthier.

Total Wellness Cleanse Review | Does it work?

The Maintenance phase, due to its gentle approach, had to be one of my favorite parts of the system (and not just because I could eat pizza again in moderation).

It shows that the Total Wellness Cleanse system is more about holistic lifestyle changes more so than cheap, showy dramatic overhauls. You never feel like it’s impossible to follow the system or maintain the cleanse.

Looking for where to buy it?

Pros & Cons

  • Absolutely NO need for supplements or any other kind of product
  • You eat real food and lose real weight
  • Any detox when done correctly and healthily, will make you feel amazing...Total Wellness Cleanse is definitely one of those
  • It only took me 15 days to feel the effects of it working, (not losing lots of weight, but feeling healthier)
  • It is unique in that it has 2 main phases. The 1st to detox and the 2nd, (most important but overlooked in many other programs), maintaining your progress - we really loved this part
  • Super easy to follow & read, formatted beautifully and backed up by science, i.e. there are no BS claims
  • It focuses on a more gentle way to cleanse your body. Great for those of you with certain problems
  • You can become a member of a fully Private Facebook group to share stories and stay on track...Trust us when we say this REALLY helps. Seriously!
  • It is a long program. This is great for some, but it might be a bit daunting for others, (we love going in depth though!)
  • You really have to be motivated to get results and you MUST stay focused if you want to feel the best you have ever felt in your life
  • It isn't a "get healthy in 5 days" kind of product and takes determination and discipline to succeed. But we know that our readers will love it
  • You might find that you get certain symptoms including irritated tonsils & sleeping problems from a fast change in diet

Conclusion & Recommendations

Health Ratings 4.5 / 5 Stars

Overall, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the Total Wellness System. Easy to do and with a focus on long-term solutions, it’s among one of the best cleanse systems I’ve tried. I felt better (clean even), ate better, and in all, the Total Wellness System comes highly recommended, especially for people who are serious about cleansing and living a more wholesome, clean lifestyle.

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