What Jobs Can You Get with an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist Certificate?

What Jobs Can You Get with an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist Certificate?

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If you have spent any time in an office, you will notice immediately that many people have made adjustments to the different equipment offices provided.

This is in order for you to have the most comfortable experience working within the office so that you don’t develop issues, especially those with your back, neck, and even your vision.

The good news is, the people who help with these modifications have many different skills, so when it comes to getting an Ergonomic Assessment Specialist certificate, you can rest assured that your life will not just be going through offices and providing wrist rests, but actually, your jobs can be far-ranging.

The process of becoming a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS) is not easy, in fact, the first place to start is by obtaining your Master’s Degree in Health or a related Human Subjects field like Kinesiology.

Having this background allows you to go to the next step which is getting the required three years of experience in a health-related field.

The good news is you can get this experience while concurrently pursuing your Master’s degree – kill two birds with one stone.

Finally, you have to pass three tests, the CPE, CHFP, and the CUXP.

Once your fees are paid and assessments are evaluated, you have become a CEAS.

Once you have obtained your CEAS, the world begins to open up for ergonomics, but here are 2 critical jobs that allow you to use your ergonomic expertise to help people avoid musculoskeletal issues that arise from office jobs:

Equipment Design

Instead of looking for modifications on equipment after the fact, companies that produce desks, chairs, keyboards and other types of office equipment can use the expertise of people like you.

This is where you can help people on a massive scale, by designing chairs and desks, keyboards, and other office equipment, what you will do is help people do their jobs with greater effectiveness and efficiency.

For example, if a major corporation is ordering chairs, they are more inclined to pay a higher per chair price if it can be proven that ergonomic chairs will result in greater productivity.

Using your ergonomic expertise of specialist tools and theory, this is where you can provide savings of lost hours due to various musculoskeletal disorders that plague businesses.

Ergonomic Consultant

Many organizations pay serious salaries for people who are experts in ergonomics. What they are looking for is someone who can come in and help the staff work with greater productivity and efficiency.

By helping a company reduce the number of people who have to take time off to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, what happens is the company saves money and increases productivity – something every company wants.

Ultimately, your ability as a CEAS to help people experience relief from various maladies that affect office workers is what will keep you always having work and create immense value in your skillset.

Ergonomics allows companies to reduce office injuries and allows you to earn a great living.

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