What Sports Relieve Stress?

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It is well known that sport has many advantages, notably the fight against stress.

But what sports to choose?

How do they actually fight anxiety that is often the result of chronic stress? The answers to your questions.

Stress, what is it?

The sources of stress are numerous:

  • Health
  • Family problems
  • Professional life
  • The list kind of goes on which is slightly depressing 🙁

When controllable, stress is generally a good thing that keeps us awake.

But when stress becomes constant, we have the impression of not being able to control the situation, stress can lead to chronic disorders like anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, back pain, etc.

Sport: Beneficial Against Stress

Many sports have a beneficial effect on stress, including but not limited to:

  • Swimming
  • Shooting
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Horseback riding
  • Water sports, etc.

Sport in the body triggers the production of hormones called endorphins.

These hormones cause the individual to such a feeling of well-being that a real addiction can develop.

Sport also requires a focus that can genuinely help to force you to think about something other than dark thoughts, work or domestic troubles
It allows to have time for oneself, apart from the worries of everyday life.

Many sports activities, particularly those that are practiced in nature, help us to escape & to change horizons. One way to get away from the problems
not to escape, but to address troubles in a more metered manner.

In fact, we have already discussed about whether antidepressants really work, and came to the conclusion that whilst the research is sound behind their function; the fact that they don’t correct any underling issues is their Achilles heel.

What sports choose to fight stress?

Water Sports

The activities taking place in or on the water allows the body to relax through the power massaging water.

The weightlessness provided by the latter allows to work all the muscles without feeling the notion of effort. The body is like carried by the water, the tensions and tensions disappear and it appears from this session with a “good” fatigue (there are levels of tiredness), ideal for promoting sleep.

Endurance Sports

Running, cycling or walking, these have the advantage of freeing the mind.

We are left alone with ourselves and we do it whilst running or walking. It refocuses us on our essential situation such as forcing us to only think about the path and our breathing.

By focusing on this, we can destroy all negative thoughts and take a breath of fresh air to fill our lungs. During exercise, the entire cardiovascular system activates, endorphins are released and at the end of its course, one feels relieved.

In the end, we find a peaceful mind and a feeling of inner calm.

Accessible to all, walking is a good way to clear the mind and work all your muscles. Whether you decide to walk in a park, forest or even in town, remember to breathe in and out to get some fresh air and good to drive your tensions.

One thing that I find very soothing on my mind when stressed, is to find a quiet location outdoors, take in a few deep breaths and really root my feet to the floor.

I will maybe do this for a few minutes and then move on.

Running, in addition to working on endurance and cardio, is great for freeing tension in your neck, shoulders and back.

Just remember to try and go walking or running in a natural environment like a park or forest. Its not vital, but it can really help.

Horse Riding

Because it involves collaboration with the horse, very emotional animal, riding requires the rider to know and observe its behavior to tame its own negative emotions to avoid the transmit.

For this, we must first be able to calm his stress and be in the moment, listening to his mount.

In fact the point of including horse riding in this post, is because it involves extreme focus. Others such as archery etc, is also a way to forget about your ills and to focus on a very specific thing

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Ideal for learning to concentrate and to focus on yourself, yoga is as much a sport as a spiritual discipline.

With its calming properties, you clear your head and it’s all your body relaxes. This sport is perfect for learning how to better manage stressful situations and to reevaluate the troubles in your life.

In the long term, yoga is also beneficial for relieving back problems.


Really, there are tons of sports you can participate in which will really help to sooth your mind and help to melt the stress away from your mind.

In fact, any type of hobby is great for this task, but exercise has a very cathartic way of almost stripping your stress from your life completely
and seeing as we are a health website, exercise just seems more apt!!!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments and tell me the kinds of things you do that help you to set your stress aside and feel better 🙂

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