Why a Good Day Starts with Great Hygiene

Why a Good Day Starts with Great Hygiene

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Our days can begin in many ways.

We may be rushed for work, frantically getting the children to school or my preference of having the entire day off.

No one day seems to be like the other and our mood can be the same way. The little things we worry about pile up and overcome us.

We stress over sometimes the smallest of things. Sometimes you just need someone to remind you to slow down and take a breath.

It can be hard to change someone’s perspective but I hope I can change yours slightly with the following.

Make Your Routine Efficient



Our hygiene routine is a series of tasks we don’t even think about anymore. It becomes a routine that we do and gets done without much thought.

Does this sound like yourself?

We brush our teeth, comb our hair, shower, and never take a moment to think about how we may be able to improve on our routine.

You can also use this in other places of your life but take a moment and think about how you may be able to make your routine more efficient.

Maybe there are some things you can do before going to bed the night before to help yourself the next morning?

If you have an efficient routine you free up time that can be used to improve it in other ways. This is the first step towards helping everyday start off as a great day.

It’s More Than Hygiene


Now that you have an efficient hygiene routine what can we do with this extra time?

Our goal here is to add to our routine things that we can consider as self-pampering. Therefore, your great hygiene routine is going to make for a terrific day.

Giving yourself, this extra attention is what’s going to make you look forward to your routine the most. You’ll begin to really give it more thought and eventually have it turned into your own mini-spa visit every morning.

It’s important to take this time for yourself every single day and be a little selfish. It helps calm your nerves and relaxes you both physically and mentally.

Since I have started doing this myself I’ve seen many improvements in my life. I’m an overall happier person and it has even improved my marriage.

The positive energy you’ll have is contagious and people will pick up on you being more in tune with yourself and they’ll be happier around you.

Ideas for Your Routine

Take a Bath

Change it up from the shower time to time and take a nice hot bath.

This might sound like an obvious one but I very much encourage you to do this. I personally enjoy taking a shower to get clean and taking a hot bath right after to just lay and relax in.

Grab the Bath Bombs

Pick up some bath bombs and save them to use once a week. You’ll begin to look forward to that special time every week.

Bath bombs can be picked up pretty cheap and they can be very relaxing.

Break out the Candles

Take a bath when there’s a little light in the bathroom with added light from the candles to just set the tone. It’ll be a shadowy fragrant bath. Combine this with your bath bomb night and turn it into a bigger event.


Before you even begin your hygiene routine take a moment to do some slow stretches.

These should be slow deep breath stretches. Stretch slowly from side to side and back to front. Make sure to inhale and exhale slowly to slow your heart rate and get your entire routine on the right track from the beginning.


Try adding some non-lyrical music. You can try nature sounds, rain, or weather. I just suggest keeping it non-lyrical. Some classical music is OK as well.

I personally enjoy listening to Japanese classical and Native American instrumental music.

Foot Massage

Give yourself your own foot massage.

You may think it won’t be the same as someone else doing it and it is different but still amazing. It’s greatly relaxing and helps relieve tension in other areas of your body.

Just place one foot on your other knee while sitting down and give it a rub. I like doing this both before, during, and after a bath. Just depends on the mood I am in.

Light Meditation

You’re mostly working to clear your mind. A technique I enjoy is the white room technique.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a completely white room. In this room imagine a small box where all of your thoughts and worries get sucked in.

Once every thought is sucked in the box locks. Now in your mind push this box off the edge of the room and now it’s just you sitting peacefully in the white room.

This helps me clear my mind and helps me prevent random thoughts jumping in my head. If a thought does enter your head quickly acknowledge it and go back to the white room.

Shower Thoughts

If you find yourself consumed by the thought of something this method is what works for me.

I like to take a warm shower and after getting clean I will place my hands on the wall and let the water rain on top of my head.

Allow the water to run while you think of what was consuming your mind. I’ve had many great ideas and epiphanies this way.


I hope I could get you motivated to upgrade your hygiene routine.

It’s hard to not have a great day once you begin doing these self-pampering techniques. You’ll start off most days in a terrific mood that’s ready to conquer anything ahead of you.

It’s important to put yourself first sometimes.


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