Why You Need Coffee to Crush Your Workout

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Post Written by Gregory Tumlin from AGreatCoffe.com

Most people cannot think of another way to start their morning off right other than sipping a steam cup of freshly brewed coffee. But you probably never thought of using it as a pre-workout supplement to get you motivated, did you? Unlike those pharmaceutically engineered pre-workout mixes that are laced with chemicals other artificial ingredients, the boost from black coffee is all-natural, and all-powerful.

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Here Are 5 Reasons Why Black Coffee Should Be Your Go-to Workout Drink

Improved Circulation

Back in 2013, Professor Masato Tsutsui from the University of Ryukyu, Okinawa revealed the findings of his study. The research found that drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee improved blood flow significantly in the fingers. Compared to decaf, the caffeinated version increased total blood flow by 30% for a good 75 minutes. How does this affect your workout?

Increased blood flow means more oxygen being shuttled to your working muscles. This means improved muscular strength and endurance.

Improved Endurance

According to Dr. Mercola, caffeine reduces your perceived level of exertion by 5% or more. Pair that with improved circulation, and you get a workout that feels slightly easier, even when the weight is more than what you are used to. In other words, you are motivated to lift heavier and run harder, which prompts better gains in your overall fitness.

Another thing that factors into endurance is having better focus. Black coffee sharpens your concentration, so you do not get distracted at the gym or while out on a run.

Muscle Preservation

Ori Hofmekler, the author of The Warrior Diet and Unlocking the Muscle Gene, has also done a vast amount of research on the effects of dark roast coffee on the body.

Hofmekler refers to several studies, and some of his own, that involve how coffee triggers the brain to release Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which is basically the brain’s personally concocted protein powder. BDNF supports neuromuscular growth, in both the brain and throughout the body, meaning the brain and body stays young and does not atrophy as quickly.

However, this is another reason why coffee should be consumed before not after the workout. Otherwise, caffeine can interfere with the anabolic process.

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Accelerated Fat Loss

Most people have heard at least once about how caffeine is a great supplement for diet due to appetite suppressing qualities and revving the metabolism. It is true. Coffee, when consumed prior to a workout, will cause fat cells to be used as an energy source. This is due to the caffeine and chlorogenic acid stimulating the nervous system to release epinephrine, which prompts the immediate release of fat.

Now, do not assume that slamming down a Starbucks is going to help you lose fat. Only black coffee without added sugars, creams, or milk, is going to have the components needed to accelerate fat loss.

Disease Prevention

Despite all the scientific evidence that has either boasted about the health benefits of coffee or decried the amount of antioxidants time and time again, you cannot deny that drinking coffee is good for you in moderation. Coffee, when simply brewed and consumed, is high in antioxidants. As you probably already know, antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals, which are not only floating around us but created inside us as we workout. Having coffee ward off the effects while boosting your workout means less chance of metabolic syndrome, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and more.

Now that you know the wonders of coffee as a pre-workout drink, consider brewing up some black coffee now. If you do not like the flavor, sweeten it with some honey, cinnamon, or stevia, all of which are healthy and will add some extra nutrients to the blend.

Coffee, who would have thought?

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Though you may be a tea-drinker,  coffee may be the ultimate replacement for your pre-workout supplement. Coffee is unlike those other fabricated blends, because it can be brewed up and offers a host of health benefits alongside a healthy dose of energy. Next time you are getting pumped up to, well, pump, sip some black coffee and experience the awesome effects for yourself.

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