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We are no longer accepting guest posts. All inquires will be ignored.

Health Form is a health and wellness blog where we allow you to submit a related guest post in order to gain some exposure back to your own site. If you wish to be part of our community and want to contribute for HealthForm.org , then please follow our guest posting guidelines.

We do have quite a few rules for our guest posts, but the main reason is that we want to maintain a very high quality blog, that our readers enjoy and want to come back to time and time again.

This is also of benefit to you. If your post is good, the exposure you receive will be of a very high quality and more likely to enjoy your blog. We are very much believers here, that a few high quality readers, are better than many uninterested readers.


If you want a sponsored post without any of the limitations below; please email directly using the Contact Form and use the subject: “Sponsored Post


If you are only looking for a link to boost your SEO efforts, we suggest that you look elsewhere

This includes any inquires from agencies for clients etc.

We are not a content mill that only exists to boost your rankings. We reserve the right to refuse any content that we believe to fall into this category.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t help you out, but it does mean that your post has to be exceptional and provide actual benefit to our readers.

We are open to any kind of article that we think our readers will enjoy and get use out of, but if you just think that you can throw us a crappy, link bait style post and get a backlink…sorry but that just won’t do at all for us.

NOTE: please use the contact form at the end of this page, and only include the topic you wish to write about, the title and the overall jist of the post.

If we accept it, you can then send over the main body of the post.


  • Article Length: We believe in only writing the very best articles related to health and wellness. We don’t promote snake oil products or try to shame people here. We want our readers to come away from an article Educated, Informed & Motivated. Article length should be minimum 800 + words. If you are an experienced blogger and are interested in writing an in depth piece of 2000 + high quality words, we will be willing to discuss remuneration for this in monetary terms. However please note that this is for rare cases and we DO NOT offer any kind of monetary reward for a guest post.
  • Article Topic: The topic should be health related including subjects such as disease, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, health, or exercise related. Any topic that is unrelated or obviously spam to get links to an affiliate product, will be rejected immediately.NOTE: We don’t have any objection to a post regarding a certain health related product or program, however we would need to check the product out first in order to make sure it is the right fit for our audience, and we will then review the post to make sure that there are no sensational claims.
  • Author Bio And Link: We can only allow one link directed to your homepage that has the anchor text of your brands URL, in the author bio. You are allowed to put your website link at the end of the article along with author bio. We do not allow keyword links in post, unless they add value to the post, and even then, if we think that any spammy practics are being used, we will edit the post to our specifications. All image citation links will be nofollow. For Any Queries You can Contact Us Here.NOTE: If you fail to provide an author bio, we will remove any unknown links in your post without notification. It is your responsibility to read these guidelines.
  • Tone: Compelling, and positive and the kind of post that can make a difference in peoples lives.; If you would like examples just refer to previously published posts.Other posts that are very popular include list type posts such as our food facts list, and posts that turn conventional wisdom on its head, such as our article about whether or not fast food really causes obesity.
  • Write For Our Readers: This is the most important factor for us. We want our readers to come away feeling as though they spent their time learning something that could either change their lives, or at least entertain them.All posts MUST be well researched and include all references in URL form, to their sources. Any post that does not contain at least 2 references, will either not be accepted or be edited by us to include other sources.
  • Editing: All submissions must be of a high quality of English, although minor spelling errors and typos will not be an issue.However, Health Form reserves the right to edit any submission in order to fit in with the tone of our site.Health Form reserves the right to decide what is a major and minor edit.
  • No irrelevant Links: No irrelevant links will be allowed. This includes links that are obviously included to boost the technical rank of your website as opposed to gaining exposure. Health Form reserves the right to decide what is an irreverent link. However we will refer back to you if we think a link is suspicious to get your side of the story.
  • Images: Please do NOT include an image with your post, UNLESS you can prove beyond doubt that you have full rights to use it. Otherwise we will find an appropriate image.
  • NO Affiliate links : We do not allow any kind of affiliate links anywhere inside an article, without our prior consent. You may contact us if you think that a certain product is relevant to the post and will genuinely help our readers, however it is not guaranteed that we will accept it. If your reason is valid, then an affiliate link may be placed in your article and you will receive all profits from it.If you try to sneak in an affiliate link without prior consent, your post will be rejected.
  • Plagiarism: DO NOT submit any guest post copied from other blog, or any post that you have written for another blog.We will run every post through Copyscape to check if it has already been published and if we later get contacted by another webmaster who thinks that their work has been plagiarized, we will give them your details and you will be held solely responsible.Health Form accepts no responsibility for plagiarized content that we have not written ourselves.We respect other blogs and the work that goes into creating and maintain them, so any hint of stolen, copied or re-written content will be rejected and reported to the original owners. However we will contact you first to hear your side of the story…we want to be fair to everyone.Anyone who thinks that they are a victim of content theft, you can contact directly here: www.healthform.org/copyright-violations/
  • Copyright:HealthForm.org will become the sole owner of all content you submit to Health Form, and we reserve the right to edit the content and promote it however is necessary.You may NOT reuse your post for other blogs and even though you own the copyright, we reserve the right to be the only blog to have it posted on our site.(NOTE: Once we have published a post, you may not request that we remove it. We will also canonicalise the post.) If you are not happy about this point, then please reconsider sending us a post.
  • Comments: Once your article has been accepted and published, it may get comments from our readers looking for clarifications on certain points. Please try to answer them as best as possible. If you are unaware of any comments, we will contact you for an answer and then reply on your behalf.
  • When using the contact form below, please make sure to use the phrase: “Health Form, Healthy Living” … (To weed out the content farmers!)

Health Form Reserves the right to change any of these points at any time and without prior notice


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